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FarEye automates the end to end logistics process giving you more control over your operations leading to increased efficiency, deliveries and happy customers. FarEye solves the critical problems faced by any logistics company i.e. real-time coordination with delivery persons, execution & customer requests.

First Mile Pick - up

  • Customer orders are pushed to FarEye through API integration and consolidation of the orders from multiple sellers takes place.
  • The packages are scanned when picked up from the merchant and a list is created automatically on the rider’s phone. For heavy shipments; digital volumetric weight can be captured.
  • An SMS can be sent to the seller updating them of the rider’s arrival. The rider then gets navigated to the pick-up point.
  • On picking up the package the job status is updated– Electronic Proof of Pick-up, Image, Digital Signature etc. This status is transmitted real time to the manager who can take real time decisions to optimize the resources if not utilized.
  • The pick-ups are mapped with hubs based on zip-code/locality of the seller. The pick-up requests are then sent to the respective branch managers.
  • The pick-up requests are received by the riders on the FarEye mobile app. The total pickups for the day are in sequence of priority or route with access to merchant and pick-up specifications.
  • Once the packages reach the hub they are re-scanned and sorted based on delivery pincodes. Incase of hub-transfer bagging is done.
  • Manifest creation and auto-mail to seller. During any mid-way transfer, the packages are re scanned ensuring that all the packages are handed over intact.
First Mile Pick - Up

FarEye enables route and capacity planning based on GPS coordinates and Postal codes.

Last Mile Delivery

  • Routing engine to assist a manager to choose the most optimized route for deliveries. Routes can be auto-assigned or manually assigned by scanning the package or directly using the map-based live view of the delivery person.
  • Geo-fence based attendance capture and status updates keep the manager in the loop about the operational status.
  • Digital runsheets, access to customer information, one click buttons for assistance and navigation on FarEye’s mobile app makes life easy for your delivery boy.
  • Predictive alerts notify the manager of possible delays. The dashboard gives the manager a live field view of job updates with proof of attempt and operational statistics. FarEye provides a map based live tracking of field workforce, live status of each hub & performance of each branch.
  • An SMS alert with a tracking link & ETA is sent to the customer when the delivery is dispatched. Pre-stored messages and customer numbers ensure smooth communication and regular updates to them.
  • Planned route is received by the delivery person on their FarEye mobile application assisting him to sort the packages in sequence and placing it in the delivery bags.
  • On attempt of a job necessary information gets captured – Geo-coordinates, electronic Proof of Delivery, Image, Digital Signature, customer rating and choice of payments.
  • Operational reports are generated automatically some of which include Heat Maps, Transaction Dump Report, User Summary Report, Communication Logs, Operational Statistics Report etc.
Last Mile Delivery

In case of partial deliveries, the amount is automatically recalculated reducing errors on the field.


  • FarEye’s interface provides a map based view and exact geo-coordinates to help locate the customer request location and the available riders real time.
  • FarEye ensure Time bound acceptance & job fulfillment. It guarantees that the on-demand request is accepted and then fulfilled within the committed time.
  • A ETA alert is sent to the customer when the request is accepted & assigned to a rider giving enough intimation and ensuring a happy customer.
  • FarEye automatically broadcasts the customer request to the closest riders with low work-load and closest to the customer request.
  • Incase a request is not accepted within the stipulated timeframe auto-alert to the manager who can then manually assign it to a rider.
  • When the on-demand request is fulfilled the job status is updated on the rider’s mobile - Electronic PoD, Image, Digital Signature, customer rating etc.

Graphical views, analytics & real -time performance monitoring of each rider enables smooth co-ordination & reduced response time.

Reverse Pick - up

  • FarEye’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the customer pick-up request location and the available personnel in the area.
  • Timer on the rider’s mobile app to ensures that a pick-up request is either rejected or accepted within a particular time frame and when accepted the time left for the pick-up to be attempted.
  • Incase of non-acceptance within stipulated timeframe notification o manager to manually assign the request.
  • Photograph for Quality check of item & package condition at the time of pick-up.
  • Automated allocation of the pick-up request to the nearest available biker or broadcast to multiple bikers based on certain preset criteria like the proximity to the customer & work-load.
  • Once accepted by the rider access to entire information – navigation, customer details, package details and more. An SMS alert is sent to the customer to track ETA of rider.
  • Incase of failure – reason for the same. Auto cancellation of pick-up request post a particular number of failed attempts.
  • Proof of attempt in case of failed pickups (Photograph, Miss you card)

SMS confirmation post pickup to the manager and live visibility of riders’ performance on the dashboard.

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Blue Dart case study

Playing a pivotal role in increasing reliability & transparency. FarEye is the chosen delivery management platform for Blue Dart – the world’s leading logistics company covering over 33,867 locations in over 220 countriesi

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