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Driving Predictive Visibility in Core Supply Chain Processes

Improving Manufacturing Logistics Management By Embracing Digital Tools

The manufacturing supply chain is a complex mesh with several gears and spokes that determine the net outcome, your product and its timely delivery. Industrial logistics software powered by Machine Learning, IoT, dynamic routing and predictive visibility helps manufacturers mitigate transportation risks, ensure efficient in-plant movement, provide greater control over 3PLs, optimizes operation costs, shrinks carbon footprint and more. Manufacturing stakeholders needs to have a higher degree of visibility across the board from inventory levels to routing, to address possible performance bottlenecks proactively.


Real-Time Transportation Visibility Software

FarEye offers end-to-end predictive visibility through IoT-enabled tracking of shipments in-transit. The platform helps manufacturers identify unauthorised stoppages, least performing routes, least performing transporters by fixing which they can achieve better operational efficiency and inventory optimisation. In addition, it also helps manufacturers solve their yard management challenges through slot booking. This leads to an efficient, predictable and controllable supply chain.

What Do You Get?


Predictive ETAs

Reduce the variance between expected and actual time of arrival by monitoring in-transit shipments in real-time. Identify unauthorised stoppages and route deviations to improve arrival times and also prevent risks such as theft and pilferage.


End-to-end Tracking

With FarEye’s IoT-enabled tracking, you can get real-time and predictive junction-to-junction visibility. This helps you further plan your production cycles in a seamless, superior manner. This also reduces dwell times thereby saving you a great deal of transporter costs.


Slot Booking

Manage your yard better with FarEye’s ability to allow slot booking This ensures seamless orchestration of shipment movement so there’s no impact on dwell times and production cycles due to poor yard management.


Improved Collaboration

Improve collaboration in your multi-stakeholder environment with functionalities such as social interface where users can tag other users to follow-up on pending tasks. For other stakeholders outside the organization, the platform triggers an email notification when a user is tagged.


Transporter Performance Visibility & SLA Management

Identify your top performing transporters and poor performers and take necessary corrective steps to optimize performance. This will help you not just save transporter costs but also cut delays, achieve standard SLAs and improve your customer and partner relationships through increased on-time deliveries.

Gear Up For Logistics 4.0 Transportation In Industrial Manufacturing

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