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Intelligent Carrier Management

To achieve operational efficiency, timely replenishment at stores and keeping costs under check, carrier selection is a core challenge. The other challenge is achieving IT integrations with carriers to onboard them quickly. FarEye helps retailers with ready-to-use plug-and-play carrier connectors and also with intelligent 3PL/carrier selection for achieving timely and cost-effective deliveries.

4 Real-Life Use Cases That'll Inspire You To Digitalize Delivery Operations

Carrier Integrations. Scalable Operations. Driver Management.

Retailers today are experiencing a phase shift and need to deliver consistent digital experiences that match physical experiences. Delivering a unified customer experience would mean having the right carrier ecosystem in place that allows quick on-boarding of new carrier partners and providing real-time visibility to all key stakeholders and customers. FarEye, with its 700+ pre-onboarded carriers helps them deliver a seamless, superior customer experience in a cost-effective manner.


What Do You Get?

Improved On-Time In Full (OTIF) Compliance

OTIF compliance is a top priority for retailers in any leg of the supply chain. It has a domino effect on a variety of factors such as customer Net Promoter Score, inventory management. Achieve a significant improvement in OTIF deliveries with FarEye’s orchestration capabilities that digitally transform your retail supply chain at every leg.

Intelligent Carrier/ 3PL Partner Selection

Enterprises lose millions of dollars due to incorrect 3PL decisions. When retail brands are going omni-channel and aim to deliver customized, personalized deliveries at optimized cost, the choice of 3PL makes a significant difference in shaping that experience. Deliver a superior experience at optimum cost with intelligent 3PL/carrier selection.

Ready-To-Use 3PL Connectors

Get your 3PL ecosystem the flexibility and ease it needs to work with multiple 3PL partners. Ready-to-use 3PL connectors help you plug and play into any 3 PL ecosystem. Get the best out of your 3PL network through speedy and secure connections with multiple ecosystems. Cut short cash reconciliation cycles and issue resolution through quick execution of processes.

Visibility Dashboard

Get across-the-board end-to-end, role-based visibility of core KPIs and performance benchmarks. Provide visibility for each stakeholder and enable seamless collaboration between them. Leverage the power of predictive and actionable analytics to stay ahead of competition and get out of catch-up mode.

How Do We Do It?


Data-Driven Carrier Selection


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Customer Tracking


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