'Drop & Pick’ Turning Retail Stores Into E-commerce Warehouses

Turning Retail Stores Into E-commerce Warehouses

  • Mobile Application enables already established local stores to become pickup and drop points for parcels – saving time, reducing cost and increasing revenue
  • Parcel shops to book, manage, track and deliver to the end customer - making e-commerce convenient for the seller and consumer
  • FarEye’s technology is enabling paperless delivery of parcels to companies and homes alike, across the world this holiday season
  • FarEye’s technology is aimed towards major enterprises and logistics firms globally - sees strong enterprise demand
  • Technology has been designed to meet the huge demand for quick parcel facilitation in the logistics sector, as well as for end users – particularly with the growth of e-commerce and online shopping, providing major benefits to e-tailers, and SMEs who demand fast and convenient delivery services

Many new business models have emerged with the changing customer preferences fueled by the underlying macro trends, increasing purchasing power, urbanization and the rapid e-commerce adoption. Consumer preferences and the actual value of the last-mile delivery market vary, it goes without saying that this e-commerce driven space has still had lots of room to grow into.

FarEye has launched its flagship product - Drop&Pick. This parcel shop technology has already been incorporated by various businesses to facilitate paperless, high speed and secure delivery and pick up of parcels through its service points including DHL, Blue Dart and First Flight. Its successful rollout is now revolutionizing traditional delivery and pick-up processes towards efficient digital and customer-centric approaches.

How does it work?

‘Drop&Pick’ follows a key three-phased - book, manage and deliver - process, which is based on a simple to use and intuitive mobile solution.

Book: The app enables any parcel shop to quickly register a parcel, and the sender’s details (including capturing handwritten information), followed by scanning the shipment and adding recipient name, delivery details and parcel size.  It then calculates shipping fees which the sender can pay in multiple ways – prepaid, wallets, cash or card.

Through the mobile app,  multiple retailers can now book customer parcels at their desk. As soon as the customer walks-in or he gets a prepaid parcel, the retailer can fill-in the sender details. He then scans the shipment number, fills in the recipient details and the postal code.

The dimensions of the parcel are also fed into the system, the data-driven algorithms intelligently calculate the shipping fees that can be paid in multiple ways - online, e-wallets, cash or card.

The parcel shop personnel can also book multiple parcels under one sender ID. In the back end - data entry processes convert images to actual data.  

Manage: The ‘Drop&Pick’ retail point app allows to easily manage and overview the parcel operations. The data entry teams in the back end - convert handwritten images to digital data. All the collected parcels are then given to the courier and electronic proof of transfer is collected from him.

The parcel is then handed over to the courier and electronic proof of transfer is collected, who then delivers to the end customer and once again, receives the electronic proof of delivery from the customer.

Deliver: Alternatively, the customer chooses to collect his/her parcel from the shop: The retailer can then hand over the parcel to the customer with an  OTP verification followed up with a digital signature as an electronic proof of delivery.

The Drop&Pick network is planned on a shop-in-shop concept and can operate out of any kind of existing physical setup. Leading Carriers across the world (like DHL, DTC and First Flight and many more ) are working with FarEye to digitalize their last mile logistics processes.

The ‘Drop&Pick’ solution is aimed at major enterprises and logistics firms globally is built to fulfill the need for fast and convenient dispatch/delivery of parcels with minimal cost of infrastructure. Its successful rollout is now revolutionizing traditional dispatch/delivery processes into efficient and customer-centric approaches.

This technology while enables quick and seamless dispatch and receiving of parcels – has two additional benefits:

SME Ecosystem development: The technology is providing significant benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro-SMEs who want to sell their products online but cannot build an in-house delivery infrastructure. Their hence need fast and convenient delivery services for their customers. The sellers may easily deposit their parcels at selected parcel shops or they can also raise a parcel booking request online (and prepay it). It generates a ‘parcel label’ which then acts as a unique order ID.

Reduced carbon emissions: Door-to-door delivery can waste a lot of time and fuel in finding home addresses, while if the parcel is dropped at a network shop, it saves resources. The customer can later collect the parcel at his or her convenience.

This technology is also targeted towards logistics businesses offering franchise models. While this model has been available since a long time to book parcels, the need now is to add a layer of visibility and efficiency to the processes to help businesses make real-time data-backed decisions and in parallel empower the customers with easy deliveries, event alerts & notifications. The customer gets an option of getting parcel delivered to a nearby ‘parcel shop’, both -during the time of order placement as well as before the actual delivery.

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