#Happycustomer: Tackling Last Mile Challenges & keeping customer happy || Ecom Express

The Last Mile Delivery industry has been facing a plethora of challenges over the years. With the rising ecommerce and industry becoming very competitive, Logistics players adapting to the new technologies to curb the challenges. Delivery Management has become crucial for Logistics players nowadays. We managed to have a word with Mr. Jaideep Singh, from Ecom Express about the challenges faced by them, and how they are catering the customer needs with superior customer experience.

#Happycustomer: Tackling Last Mile Challenges & keeping customer happy || Ecom Express

About Ecom Express:

Ecom Express is a dynamic service provider that caters exclusively to the growing e-commerce sector. They have a plethora of offerings including reverse logistics, cash on delivery, pre-paid amongst other value-added services. In a short span of 3 years, this company has contributed immensely to the growth of the Express Delivery and Transportation Industry in India and has reshaped the e-tailing distribution and delivery system in India.

Q: We all know that Ecom Express is riding high with success, we want to understand the challenges Ecom Express facing in the Last Mile?

A: The challenges faced by us are not specific only to our organization, but these are the challenges faced by the industry too. As there is no connectivity between the manager in the office and the field managers on the field., it is very difficult for the managers to track and understand what is going on the field. In Last Mile Delivery., there should be quick and continuous processing of data and processes. We were facing a 24-hour communication lag and this resulted in the delay of further processes.  

Challenges faced in Last Mile Delivery:

  • 24-hour communication lag
  • Real time coordination
  • Visibility

Q: How do you think that a Delivery Management Software will help solve the issue?

A: We thought a better Delivery Management Software will help us in balancing the need between workforce management and cost cutting, with increased flexibility and agility in balancing the field operations. Our business need was that there was no technology adoption and we lacked visibility in field operations.

A robust delivery management software helps increasing visibility in field operations as well as cost-cutting. 

Q: How is Delivery Management Software helping you?

A: A robust delivery management software took the delivery operations to the next level by automating the entire last mile delivery process. The daily job list is pushed to the delivery person. The application has pre-stored messages, numbers and job information that smoothens the operations for the delivery person on the field. The rider hands over the shipment, gets the customer acknowledgment- electronic signature, proof of delivery, collects cash and updates the status on the FarEye application. The manager in office is notified real time about the status of delivery and has real-time information about the delivery operations.

Q: How did it impact the operations?

A: Due to regular updates and real-time coordination between the delivery persons on the field and the organization there was a quick & smooth flow of processes. With this., the ecommerce companies will come to know their shipment status at any point in the day.

Statistics show that you can lose up to 35 % of your customers on the check-out page when delivery options are unclear.

We could see an increase in the number of job attempts. By automating our last mile., with the help of a robust delivery management software, we were able to eliminate the need to manually plan, schedule, tally cash and report the day’s work increasing the number of delivery attempts per day.

Q: Did you see any impact on the employee & customer satisfaction?

A: Yes! Of course! Employees were happy because their daily reporting and cash reconciliation reporting was made easy. They are automatically generated, so what the delivery person needs to do is just reaching the hub and hand over the cash. Reduction in reporting and wait time increased the work-life balance, keeping the employees satisfied.

A happy employee leads to a happy customer

By equipping our employee with the right tools and the right technology, he gets all the details of the customer. He needn’t call the customer for address and the entire service is made smoother and quicker.


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