"Serving the customers the way they wanted, helps you in retaining the customer", Piyush Ranjan, Co-Founder of Door Mint

We recently stopped by at Mr. Piyush Ranjan's office and had a small chat with him over a cup of coffee. Hardcore techie and an entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Piyush Ranjan loves building innovative, user-friendly and scalable systems that solve real problems.

Being listed by Forbes as a startup to watch out for in 2016, FarEye is proud to be associated with Doormint. In a candid conversation with one of the co-founders, Mr. Piyush Ranjan, we got an overview of the operations and how Doormint is determined to change the home laundry landscape in India.

Q: Please introduce Doormint to our readers.

A: Doormint is hyperlocal laundry services app. Founded in 2015, Doormint aims at providing doorstep home solutions at affordable prices. Doormint differentiates itself from others by using innovative technology to achieve superior service quality and convenience based professional service. Doormint aims at resolving household grievances on its easy-to-use platform.

Q: Mr. Ranjan, why did you choose the hyperlocal laundry service segment?

A: We chose this segment as laundry is extremely essential service especially for urban India and we noticed that this space was extremely disorganized – limited to local dhobhiwallas who worked at their discretion, not differentiating between the various types of clothing, never meeting deadlines – we realized this is one huge opportunity area in India.

With the rise in urban working class, we have noticed that they are often pressed for time and can afford to pay for essentials – untapped market and a huge potential got us rolling.

To summarize it, laundry is an everyday need and nobody is happy doing their laundry. As people become more and more busy, we help them out with their laundry and make them look good. 

Q: In today’s digital age, how crucial is technology in your sector?

A: Ours is a logistics heavy company with two customer-facing legs (pickup and delivery). Naturally, logistics is a rather big cost center for us. We use FarEye to track delivery persons, this ensures timely pickups and deliveries and weeds out inefficiency. 

Without FarEye, we would be flying blind.

In this fast pace & competitive world, we need to stay ahead of our customer’s expectations in order to stay in the business. Those who are digitally transforming operations are headed to a brighter future characterized by increased returns and enhanced consumer experiences and those who overlook or underestimate its importance are headed for disaster.

In what capacity are you using FarEye and how has it benefited your operations. 

We use FarEye to track pickup/delivery boys and ensure timely execution.  FarEye helps in time communication with on ground personnel, map-based guidance to help them reach the customer address without the need of calls.

Would it be right to say that the end consumer reaps the benefit of a mobility solution such as FarEye?

Yes, indeed. Since I have known Customer is King and especially today with numerous options available to them, we must be very wary in the way we cater to them. Often underplayed but small gestures like refraining from calling the customer repeatedly for directions and keeping time commitment help us in delivering a superior service and retaining them.  

The end consumer does not have to wait for our delivery or pickup guy to arrive as we make sure they reach on time, thanks to FarEye. The GPS enabled solution guides our delivery person to the right pickup point without having to call the customer.

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