10 Last-Mile Delivery Stats for National Logistics Day

National Logistics Day is celebrated worldwide on June 28. This National Logistics Day let's take a look at 10 compelling stats related to the most important part of logistics - last-mile delivery.

53% of total shipping costs are related to last-mile delivery.

84% of consumers would not shop with a retailer after having a bad delivery experience.

70% of consumers say speed, convenience and friendly delivery service matters the most.

90% of consumers see two- to three-day delivery as the baseline 30% of consumers expect same-day delivery.

USD 84.72 billion is the projected value of global autonomous last mile delivery market size by 2030.

1.6 million packages are shipped by Amazon daily. That equates to more than 66 thousand orders per hour, and 18.5 orders per second.

5 of the top nine factors driving customer value in omnichannel retail are related to logistics.

17% to 26% of last-mile emissions can be reduced by local fulfillment centers by 2025.

32% increase in carbon emissions can be expected from urban delivery traffic by 2030.

A 36% increase in the number of delivery vehicles is expected in the top 100 cities globally by 2030. This will cause congestion to rise by over 21%, equalling an additional 11 minutes of commute time for each passenger every day.

As the numbers suggest, the last mile is the most critical, complicated aspect of the delivery journey. Reducing your carbon footprint by building efficiency in the emissions-heavy last mile also resonates with today’s consumers. Delivering a last-mile experience that pleases consumers will give brands a competitive advantage.

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