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3 Reasons Why You Need To Part With Your Traditional Logistics Strategy

It’s time you bid adieu to your old logistics strategy. Traditional means of executing logistics will do your business more harm than good. There are several supply chain and logistics businesses that are finding it difficult to manage exponential growth with their legacy infrastructure. Not only growth, rapidly changing customer expectations, the need to deliver on time and shrink operational expenses, makes traditional supply chain strategies and platforms redundant.

Imagine this. You started a logistics business with two trucks. Within months demand surged. You added three more trucks to your delivery fleet. But now it gets difficult by the day to keep a tab on your six-truck strong delivery fleet. It was not like this when you started. With a minimum amount of automation and a whole lot of time spent on spreadsheets, you were able to somehow keep your operations up and running.

Reasons to have logistics softwareThings will get worse in case there is another surge in demand. You might just have to surrender new opportunities owing to the limitations of your existing logistics management process. Why? It’s simply not scalable and has inherit limitation with regards to efficiency. Traditional logistics platforms lack the ability to track delivery fleet in real-time, generate accurate ETAs, reduce risks and costs.  

So, let’s talk a bit more in about the limitations of a traditional logistics strategy and what can be done to overcome these.

Limitations to Real-Time Tracking

If you run a logistics business and still rely on traditional methods, you may find yourself wondering about the location of your truck often.

Where are my goods at present? Is the driver taking unnecessary stops? Is he speeding? Will the goods reach on time?

These are just a few questions that will plague your mind each time a loaded truck left your premises. However, by embracing a modern logistics management software you can tide over such issues and focus on scaling operations seamlessly.

Here’s how a modern logistics software can help

A modern logistics management software can generate real-time data from large GPS, LED, and telematics network. Therefore, it is possible to see the location of your shipments in real-time so that you remain in full control of the ground activities.

In addition to tracking, such a platform also constantly optimizes routes to help drivers avoid traffic congestions and instantly triggers alerts in case there are unnecessary diversions and delays. By implementing such a solution, not only can you increase transparency across the supply chain but also keep customers informed in the case of any delays, leading to increased delivery happiness score and greater customer engagement.

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Limitations to Ensuring Faster and On Time Deliveries

Customer demands have accelerated over the past few years and with the demand for delivery transparency, you cannot thrive in the logistics business if you cannot give accurate ETAs to your customers.

Here’s how a modern logistics software can help

An intelligent logistics platform powered by machine learning capabilities helps you plan efficient delivery routes and keep optimizing the same in real-time. This positively impacts delivery turnaround time. Advanced logistics platform empowers businesses to generate accurate ETAs by calculating delays in routes.

Limitations to Eliminating Risks

The need to reduce risks in supply chain and logistics processes is growing. According to reports, the average number of cargo theft incidents per month in the US is 54. Out of this, 61 percent of thefts occur at truck stops and official rest stops. Not only losses, theft and pilferage of goods causes significant damage to reputation, especially if it becomes a routine problem.

Here’s how a modern logistics software can help

By navigating through historical data of delivery routes, a logistics platform powered by machine learning can analyze past incidents of thefts on a particular route and deliver valuable insights on why a route should be avoided completely at a given point of time.

Businesses around the world are investing in advanced logistics platform to increase competitive advantage by enhancing customer experience and reducing operational expenses. Are you on the same page?

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