4 Ways To Dash Through Delivery Obstacles and Power Your Sleigh

It’s that time of the year when temperatures drop but celebrations don’t. It’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s the season for good food, nice clothes, and a lot of gifts. In other words, it’s time for eCommerce and online food delivery companies to gear up for some serious business. Unless you are Santa Clause, you need to have a robust online delivery system in place to make those countless (well, almost countless) deliveries that too in a matter of hours. Why? Because if you don’t, scaling delivery operations to meet demand spikes will not be such a merry affair.

A recent research revealed that 20% of shoppers would pay up to US$6 extra for a December 25th delivery. A 2018 Delloite study highlighted that shoppers are expected to spend $1,536 per household during the holiday season this year, online shopping destinations being their favorite. Another research by USPS Holidays predicts that 16 billion pieces of mail and packages will be delivered this holiday season in the US. A Shopify study revealed that total US holiday online sales have increased from $80 billion in 2015 to $123 billion in 2018.

These numbers give a clear picture of the demand for home deliveries during the holiday season. But rising demands are accompanied by greater expectations.

Nearly half (46%) of consumers expect companies to deliver faster than they did a year ago. As much as 60% of consumers reported they have decided not to purchase from a retailer due to slow delivery speed. Even being transparent with deliveries is important as 25% of online shoppers will abandon their orders due to unexpected shipping costs being added to the order just prior to checkout.

But for eCommerce and other online delivery business, keeping up with rising demands and skyrocketing customer expectations isn’t a cakewalk. To achieve this twin objective during this holiday season, savvy businesses have deployed advanced online delivery management platform. 

An advanced online delivery management platform empowers businesses scale operations during the holiday season. It makes deliveries flexible, cost-effective and on-time.

Scaling Delivery Operations
A modern delivery platform seamlessly onboard new drivers in the shortest time by leveraging intelligent crowdsourcing capabilities to meet elastic demand requirements. Such a platform can onboard drivers based on proximity, past performance, and cost, helping businesses scale delivery operations and boost profitability during the holiday season.

Ensuring Delightful Delivery Experiences
An advanced delivery platform ensures customers a self-service type of delivery model. Customers can change the delivery location and time on the fly. Leveraging such a platform, businesses can keep customers informed at every step and deliver a predictable, superior and consistent customer experience with proactive alerts and notifications.

Seamless Customer Communications
Online chat is a powerful tool when it comes to keeping savvy customers engaged. A modern online delivery management platform empowers customers to directly engage with a brand regarding any delivery queries, through online chat. These online chat tools are powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities that can correctly answer customer questions without having the need for human intervention.

Enabling Faster Deliveries
The online delivery ecosystem is driven by customer expectations. Savvy customers are willing to pay extra for getting parcels delivered the same day. So, for businesses, there is little or no room for error when it comes to delivering on-time. By automating key delivery workflows like task allocation, driver selection, route planning and more a modern online delivery management platform drastically shrinks delivery turn-around-time. This empowers businesses to reduce fuel consumption and miles per delivery. It ensures that delivery executives are highly productive and execute more deliveries at any given point in time.

These are just four ways to improve your delivery operations during this holiday season. While there are more, we will not consume more of your time as we know you can't wait to join the festivities. We at FarEye wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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