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5 Key Benefits of A Last-Mile Delivery Solution

Imagine you've found yourself running out of kibble for your pooch, and there's no way you can visit a store with a foreseeably long day scheduled at work. Thankfully, your favourite pet store has started offering one-day deliveries in your pin code. Smiling, you quickly hit some buttons on your mobile to order your pet's favourite food and some toys, too. 

As you wake up the next day, you are pleasantly surprised to see a message on your phone that says your shipment has been dispatched. By noon, you get another message that your item is out for delivery.

But then things start going wrong. You continue waiting, but there's no further update on the delivery. Finally, you get frustrated and call up the pet store manager who has no idea about the location of the shipment even you'd received a message that it was out for delivery!

Quite frustrating, don't you think?

Today, customers want complete transparency in transactions, and the last mile of your delivery can make or break their experience. Missed delivery schedules, issues in route optimisation, incorrect deliveries, no option for proof of delivery or contactless payments – these small problems can turn into huge challenges that can potentially devastate your customer experience, as well as business, through increased churn.

Thankfully, an advanced last-mile delivery software can help iron out the creases, giving you full control and visibility into the last mile besides streamlining it for maximum efficiency. 

Below, we have listed five benefits of last-mile delivery solutions that will help you scale in 2021.

1. Streamlined Shipping & Delivery Process

A last-mile delivery solution automates the time-consuming and repetitive tasks in the delivery process, saving a lot of time, resources and money for your business. Manual methods of tracking such as waybills and handwritten-receipts or notes without barcodes are not only time consuming but also lead to human error. With a modern last-mile delivery solution, such systems become entirely automated, eliminating verification issues and ensuring accurate and efficient load planning. Such a system also empowers your business with predictive insights, auto-allocating resources like transport, drivers and even your inventory. 

2. Route Optimisation

No entry windows, lousy weather, peak traffic hours and sudden route disruptions can slow down your deliveries considerably. That's why it is pertinent to adopt a dynamic delivery route optimisation software that calculates and assigns the most efficient routes for your deliveries. 

Such software is also equipped to crunch real-time data to alert your last-mile carrier agents about any upcoming traffic jams or bad weather and send them an alternative route that would be most efficient in the given circumstances. 

3. Flexible Deliveries

Buyers are often looking for flexible delivery options, which add to the convenience of online shopping. For example, if you've ordered an urgently-required medicine for your mom but might miss the parcel that's scheduled for delivery at your home address. Wouldn't it be great if you could visit the retailer's site and update your delivery time or address to either receive the parcel at a later time or have it delivered at your office address while you are there?

A last-mile delivery software makes this possible through real-time updates, allowing customers to change the time or location of deliveries with a tap, while also making it easier to handle cancellations and returns using the same system. 

4. Improved Order Management

Despite the best systems in place, delays do happen, and sometimes there isn't much you can do than inform the customers regarding anticipated delays to manage their expectations better. Think about it – isn't it better to proactively inform customers about delays instead of waiting for them to get frustrated and call.

A last-mile delivery software can help by alerting you and your customers of any potential delays, leading to better expectation management and trust.

Automatic delivery updates also keep customers updated of exact delivery times, ensuring their availability to accept the order and increasing the happiness score.

benefits of last mile

5. Adding Smiles To The Last Mile

Many customers across the globe are not comfortable using their cards or banking details online. Pay-on-delivery is the most viable option for such users, and the pandemic has further increased the demand for contactless payments at the doorstep. A last-mile delivery software makes it easier for customers to pay for their orders by integrating multiple payment options in the delivery app. Some software also give end-users the option to rate and review the service they've received, which can help you improve your business and meet customer expectations better.

As you can see, a robust last-mile delivery solution can enhance your productivity and delivery experience considerably. FarEye has been empowering retailers across the globe to achieve high levels of delivery efficiency by optimising their last mile operations. To know how we can enhance your last-mile, sign up for a quick demo here.

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