5 Key Constituents of Contactless Deliveries

All over the world, people are avoiding physical contact as this is the only way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Social distancing has become a part of life and businesses are continuously looking for new ways to sell and deliver their products to their customers. One of the innovative ways to ensure both safety and hygiene is to make contactless delivery. In this method, a customer can collect their goods without coming in contact with the delivery personnel. This will save both the customer and the agent from the fear of catching the deadly virus. Such a delivery has become a key when it comes to ensuring seamless delivery operations during these unprecedented times. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 key constituents of contactless delivery -

1.An Application or Website with Contactless Delivery Option

With no immediate cure in sight for the disease, chances are customers will continue to shop online. Businesses need to adapt to this change to survive. They can do that by taking their business online. If your business has an application or a website that customers can use for delivery, make sure that to add an option for contactless delivery. This option should include details like where, when and who will deliver the goods. Health details and what precautions have been taken by the delivery person can also be mentioned. Notifying the exact estimated time of arrival of a package is necessary as well. Ensuring proof of delivery by taking snaps of the goods at delivery point, enabling one-time password for delivery authentication would ensure compliance. The application should be able to provide a complete transparency as to how the contactless delivery will take place. Businesses should provide various means to encourage digital payments. 

2.Sanitization and Safety Practices

A customer should be informed about the safety and hygiene standards maintained by the organization, with respect to their employees, and also on how the goods are packed for delivery. Providing information regarding how the organization disinfects their warehouses, methods taken to pack goods safely while using gloves, how every delivery personnel is equipped with a mask and gloves etc., creates a bond of trust. 

3.Health of Employees

Companies should provide training to their employees with respect to maintaining hygiene, sanitizing hands, and identifying the symptoms of the virus. Contactless delivery is possible when trust is established between the management, the employees and the customer. This can be achieved by implementing safety and hygiene measures for the employees. By ensuring the frequent disinfection of work places, employee temperature check, provision of hand sanitizers, you show your employees that you care. Additional benefits like an insurance cover for employees, providing incentives to employees, who are putting their lives at risk, will help in maintaining a good relationship. This will not only increase the productivity, but also the goodwill of the organization.

4.Online Payments

Businesses should provide an option to make digital payments or payments through digital wallets. This will decrease the risk of transfer of virus through touch. Businesses should avoid accepting cash payments to encourage contactless deliveries.

5.Social Media Usage for Advertising

Implementing the changes to provide a contactless delivery system will be of no use if the customer is not aware of the same. So, it is important to inform them about all the precautions and safety measures you have taken. And the best way to send out this message is through social media. Use Facebook and Instagram pages to connect to customers. Showcase the changes implemented in the workplace, how the employees are being taken care of, how the businesses have adapted due to the pandemic in order to serve them better.

With Covid-19 affecting all businesses around the world, you need to adopt safe and hygienic practices to carry out operations successfully. One of those practices is contactless delivery. It is high time, you add this innovative service to your business.

Contactless deliveries have become a norm. From a customer’s perspective, contactless delivery adds a level of convenience and safety. On the other hand, by providing this service, a retailer can increase their sales and gain the trust of their customers. There is no better time than now for businesses to start providing this service.

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