5 Pillars Of Success & How E-commerce Delivery Software Can Help

Today’s millennials are not just big believers but preachers of retail therapy. The millennial buyer is quite tech-savvy and most of it happens right when their stress levels hit a peak whether it is while leaving work on a bad day or while casually scrolling Instagram at home. Decisions are made in a jiffy and it is indeed difficult to narrow down on what exactly would drive the impulse purchase decision and how much control the retailer can have in this case. It is proven beyond doubt that the industry is getting exponentially competitive and that is not going to be any different way.

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In this increasing climate of cutting-edge competition, how do companies retain competitive edge? The game here is not margins or retail in itself in the conventional sense. Retail companies, especially those in the realm of ecommerce function more like tech companies. This isn’t a situation where we are talking about price wars and promotion wars which is so 2010. It is purely about what powers it all as an undercurrent. There are 5 pillars of success in the e-commerce business and e-commerce delivery software can greatly help in:

1.Customer centricity

This is the primary factor that determines the repeatability of engagement with a customer. Unless brands align themselves in this direction and take conscious steps towards making the customer realise how much their interest is put on top priority, there is no way they will go back to a brand especially when they are spoilt by choices. This can happen in many ways such as how the experience is designed before the buying process, how is the cart experience, the flexibility of payment options, the delivery execution time frame. Every touchpoint counts and needs to be designed with utmost care and precision.

The one thing brands need to stay clear of is customer anxiety. The more the customer anxiety index is, the more detrimental it is for your brand. It is the exact opposite of being customer-centric.

How  does e-commerce delivery software help?

An e-commerce delivery software eases this process by taking care of the  delivery experience and proof of delivery piece. It facilitates easy collaboration among customers and

This is one of the reasons it needs to be on top of your priority list.

It helps you stay away from customer anxiety by giving them a personalized update at every stage and keeping them proactively informed on the whereabouts of their shipment. Not just the delivery part but every stage of the process.

2. Dedicated localisation strategy

Right from crowdsourcing drivers to perform local deliveries to having multiple language support options on the app for drivers, a good localisation strategy widens the scope of being able to make inroads into deeper areas which improve not just your brand footprint but also profitability. It goes a long way in ensuring competitive edge by the sheer increase in the number of delivery staff at your disposal to cater to peak-time demand thereby ensuring a good customer experience.

How can ecommerce delivery software help?

New-age ecommerce delivery software has capabilities facilitating localisation in-built in them. That will essentially help easy onboarding and adoption among field agents who can help drive more deliveries through merely the ease of using the app.

3. Delivery happiness score

While Net Promoter Score is a global metric in any and every business, the world of deliveries is getting more and more dependant on a new metric called the Delivery Happiness Score. As an extension of what was mentioned in section 1 of this article, customer-centric brands build dedicated process to make the delivery experience as superlative as they can and make changes to it continuously to maintain consistency and also to adapt themselves with the changing times.

How can e-commerce delivery platforms play a key role in helping brands achieve a high delivery happiness score?

By empowering customers with the ability to see their shipments in real-time, promising achievable ETAs and convenient proof of deliveries, they can significantly boost delivery happiness score.

4. Agility

In ecom, things change at the speed of light. It is imperative for brands to be prepared to adapt themselves and especially the front-end processes to adapt as quickly as possible to cater to the modern-day changing environment. Whether it is incorporating AI-based chatbots for support or quickly deciding and implementing a routing process change to achieve more deliveries, the go-live time for these changes to translate from whiteboard to execution needs to be really short. The fastest runner wins!

How can e-commerce delivery software make brands agile?

State-of-the-art e-commerce delivery software today allow brands to build, improve and modify processes with a no-code interface through a workflow engine. This not only helps get a graphical view of the delivery model which gets all stakeholders on the same page but also translating analytics and insights from the field to translate into actual action.

5. New-age tracking

We have reached a certain level of maturity in real-time tracking in a conventional sense. It is such a commonplace thing to see real-time navigation on a web/app interface to a point that it is essential and there are no two ways about it.

Advanced visualizations with heatmaps, slice-and-dice reports, cluster view, custom dashboards are the in-thing. Unless you get both a transactional as well a business overview, there is hardly anything actionable in the visualization. It is as good as a post-mortem analysis of delivery or even worse, a failed delivery.

How can e-commerce delivery software help?

New-age software tools come with pre-packaged and built advanced visualization modes that are not just intuitive but also help make the organization proactive when it comes to business insight.

With e-commerce delivery software contributing in every sphere of helping brands achieve success and competitive edge in the world of online retail, it is only about time that they become an essential tool to thrive and survive in this rapidly changing scenario of ecommerce.

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