5 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Logistics Planning Software

Executing logistics is not a cakewalk anymore, at least not with the growing demand for fast, same-day and free deliveries. Customers today want to be gratified instantly and traditional means of executing logistics are not going to ensure that. Why? Simply because these methods have inherent limitations when it comes to providing real-time visibility, customer transparency, efficient route planning, automating core logistics processes and predicting exceptions and delays.

To deliver these high levels of efficiencies enterprises need to invest in advanced logistics management software. Here are five reasons why.

Improved Visibility
Poor visibility has been plaguing the logistics industry for decades. Now, with the advent of advanced logistics planning software, businesses can put an end to this problem. Such software provides real-time access to a delivery vehicle’s location. Delivery stakeholders can easily know where exactly an order is, when will it reach, whether there are delays and if a delivery executive is taking unnecessary diversions. In case a delivery executive does not follow the said path, a logistics planning software can automatically trigger alerts and inform a delivery manager to take corrective measures. It does the same in case it detects vehicle idling and stoppages exceeding a particular duration.

A key element of advanced logistics planning software is a digital control tower (DCT). The DCT is powered by alerting tools that proactively trigger distributed notifications, directly to the concerned stakeholder related to exceptions such as delays, theft suspicion, SoP non-compliance, expiring documentation, etc. It helps in proactive monitoring of exceptions related to any transporter or shipments and also provides simple and fast alert resolution workflows. DCT empowers enterprises to achieve a perfect order index.

Logistics stakeholders can quickly analyze all the important KPIs like transporter performance, route efficiency, on-time and other SLA adherence, loading/unloading times, invoice accuracy, fleet productivity and more. 

High Levels of Customer Transparency
In the age of instant gratification, it’s a mammoth mistake not to provide customers with end-to-end visibility of delivery progress. Advanced logistics planning software empowers businesses to generate real-time information about delivery progress to customers. Customers can not only get to know where their orders are and when will it be delivered; they are also kept informed about delivery delays. Leveraging advanced logistics planning software, customers can change delivery time and location on the fly. These changes are quickly accommodated in the workflow so as to keep delivery executives informed.

Efficient Route Planning
Delivering delightful customer experiences and making logistics operations cost-effective are two major challenges that enterprises today are grappling with. Balancing these two objectives isn’t easy. Hence surfaces the need to embrace logistics planning software. By optimizing routes in real-time such software significantly minimizes chances of delays. It provides real-time visibility of delivery fleet thereby helping enterprises gain better control of logistics processes and hence ensures better SLA adherence. A logistics planning software reduces miles that need to be traveled to complete a delivery and therefore shrinks fuel consumption costs and carbon footprint.

Traffic, no-entry windows, and tonnage are only a few of the factors that impact the speed of your deliveries. Consequently, the shortest route between your warehouse and the recipient’s place may not be the best, as it could be riddled with traffic or other conditions that impact the movement of your vehicles. Such software also constantly optimizes routes in real-time to avoid delays and risks.

A logistics planning software is powered by machine learning algorithms that sift through historical data to suggest the most efficient routes for delivery as opposed to the shortest ones – saving time, as well as fuel costs in most cases.

High Levels of Automation
Logistics planning software is capable of smart allocation, which saves precious time for your fleet. As the system is automated, there is no scope for mistakes. Shipments are allocated to agents in a logical order to ensure maximum work in minimal time. While allocating delivery tasks it also takes into consideration factors like costs, productivity, proximity, historical performance of 3PLs and more. 

Such software reduces the burden on your last-mile delivery partners, leading to happier employees. Advanced logistics planning software improves fleet utilization and reduces miles per driver by drastically improving route planning and execution through proprietary routing algorithms. It empowers delivery executives with an intuitive and powerful mobile app through which logistics stakeholders can manage and control job allocation, routing, sequence and also facilitate real-time communication with customers.

Predictive Intelligence
By using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, logistics planning software empowers businesses to become proactive. Logistics planning software quickly navigates through historical data of already-traveled routes and generate key insights into route performance, delivery duration, and risks.

Long unprecedented stoppages on a particular route imply a possible situation of theft. ML capabilities can analyze past incidents of thefts on a particular route and deliver valuable insights on why a particular route should be avoided completely or at a given point in time.

So, if a truck exceeds the time taken to reach point B to point C by an hour, ML capabilities can trigger an alert informing about possible theft. Capabilities like this can help businesses save millions of dollars. Also, such software can easily predict delays and drastically reduce delivery turn-around-time.

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