8 Reasons Why Business Need To Drive Contactless Deliveries

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has brought a drastic change in our lifestyle. People are staying indoors to stay safe and following social distancing norms to contain the spread of the virus. Even as the lockdown measures are easing, many retailers are struggling to get back up to speed as traditional methods of selling are not working anymore. So, they have had to find innovative ways to sell their items and retain their customers. One such solution is contactless delivery. 

It is simply a different way of making a delivery at a customer’s house. Instead of handing the products to people, it can be left outside the door. All the customer has to do is pick it up and go back in. This way, there is no direct contact between the delivery person and the customer.

Here are 8 reason why you should try this method -

1.Need of The Hour
With increasing concern of the spread of coronavirus, many retailersare opting for contactless delivery service. This is an effective way to both sell the product and stop the spread of the disease. The fewer people, you interact within close distance, the lesser are the chances of us passing the virus to each other.

2.Survival of Business
Change is necessary for any business to survive and grow. Customer buying behavior has changed drastically during the ongoing pandemic. To deliver on these changes, businesses need to adapt and innovate. With contactless delivery, you can keep your customers happy by meeting their expectations and safe by avoiding physical contact.

3.Safety of Employees
It is the moral responsibility of a company to provide a safe working environment for employees, especially during this pandemic phase. All necessary safety precautions should be taken during the packaging and delivery of goods. This not only helps in improving the productivity and quality of the goods, but also boosts the moral of the employee. An organization that takes care of its employees stands a better chance ofgaining the trust of its customers too.

4.End-to-End Hygiene
Implementation of an end-to-end hygiene process like screening of all employees for temperature, SPO2, physical symptoms,regular sanitization of the premises, PPE kits for employees would add to the production costs but this process will ensure 100% safety for both employees and customers.

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5.Tracking and Transparency
A contactless delivery option provides considerable transparency and accurate delivery information to the customers. From order confirmation, merchant details, delivery status to health details of the delivery person etc. are made available to the customer.

6.On-Demand Service by Customer
The demand for contactless delivery is fast becoming the most sought-after mode of delivery. A wide variety of technology to implement contactless delivery is also available in the market which makes it easier for business to transition to contactless delivery option.

7.Customer Trust
By providing a personalized customer-centric contactless delivery service, businesses will be a step closer in maintaining a good customer relationship. You can gain customers’ trust by implementing safety and security norms in the workplace.

8.Contactless Payment
Contactless payment allows consumers to pay for goods using their chip cards without the need to physically swipe, enter a personal identification number (PIN), and/or sign for a transaction.To keep up with consumers demands, organizations are changing the way they accept payment. Customers are more likely to prefer tap-to-pay and no-touch payment methodsto keep themselves safe.

Contactless deliveries have become a norm. From a customer’s perspective, contactless delivery adds a level of convenience and safety. On the other hand, by providing this service, a retailer can increase their sales and gain the trust of their customers.There is no better time than now for businesses to start providing this service. To know how FarEye is empowering global enterprises provide contactless deliveries, signup for a quick demo here

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