An Ode To Delivery Heroes During Lockdown

Not many of us would get through the lockdown without food, medicine, and other essentials delivered to our doorsteps during this pandemic. The delivery of essential goods has been a lifeline for households across the globe, and it's the delivery executives who have supported businesses of all sizes in staying adrift. The world owes a great debt to these individuals who work relentlessly in providing these essential home deliveries risking contracting Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the lifestyle of people around the world. People have come to terms with the fact that coronavirus will stay with them for a while, so they are slowly returning to work. In a way, life is at ease if we compare our times with that of the Spanish flu or other pandemics. The reason we are comparatively in better circumstances is because of our supply chains, supported by delivery drivers, that are getting us our essentials through contactless deliveries.

The fight against COVID-19 wouldn't have been easy without the efforts of nurses, doctors, community workers, and volunteers who dedicated their time and risked their lives on the front line. 

But we cannot miss out, neglect or undermine the contribution of delivery drivers who have not been adequately celebrated by the media during this difficult period. They have continued to do their job in silence to ensure that there exists a reasonably stable society and economy when we come out of our doors.

Currently, one of the most affected sectors is retail businesses with no choice but to stop their activities due to severe cash flow issues. The F&B industry has had its worst quarter and is the most affected by the lockdown policy. 

A lot can be learned from the experience of other countries that are ahead of us on the pain curve. They have been successful in countering the pandemic while ensuring that their economy can go on. For example, e-commerce was a community mainstay in helping Wuhan mitigate the effects of a lockdown in China.

The home-delivery facility is capable of doorstep deliveries of many essential items within 24-72 hours. Given the spike in demand in this lockdown period, enterprises can gainfully employ an out-of-work informal workforce to manage the scale. There are opportunities to be given to people who need them the most: the unorganized, the migrant, the unemployed, and the minimally educated at the lower end of the economic ladder.

With this direct-to-consumer approach, the delivery of products safely to the customers can be assured as and when required. With over 80 percent of the workforce working from home due to lockdown, a surge in the purchase of furniture, stationery, fitness equipment, and medicine is inevitable. And with a well-developed delivery infrastructure, businesses can sail through this surge seamlessly!

While doctors and nurses take care of COVID patients in hospitals, delivery drivers make sure that we stay home safely with our families. While they have their own families to look after, they still risked their lives to deliver us what we wanted. When COVID-19 becomes history, we need to make sure we do not undermine their efforts and acknowledge their immense contribution in the fight against this pandemic.

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