Announcing Key Product Enhancements - September 2021

We are committed to making deliveries better for everyone. We believe that every improvement in the product makes a significant difference to our customers and their consumers.

We are pleased to announce that the following product improvements have been made to our Intelligent Delivery Management Platform, to positively impact significant KPIs.

Intelligent Delivery Orchestration:

Trip management & driver debrief

Improve ground-level visibility for managers to track both drivers and orders. The latest enhancements empower managers to debrief drivers more accurately and optimally with automated system-generated reports on failed deliveries, new pickups and other such delivery operations.

In-app route optimization

Enable your drivers to deliver more with efficient in-app routing. Leverage the efficiency improvements on FarEye’s routing algorithms that allow optimizing routes on the go to achieve an increase in order deliveries. Even in cases where routing is not a centralized operation, drivers can leverage the self-service app to create their personal optimized routes and achieve improved delivery efficiency.

Bagging module

Complete bagging operations faster with a more user-friendly interface. From the creation of bags to the printing of labels, you don't have to juggle between multiple windows and screens for different operations. By consolidating all bagging-specific operations in a single window, we save you not just clicks but a lot of time.

Intelligent Delivery Visibility:

Carrier coverage expansion

We are continuously expanding our carrier network coverage by bringing onboard new carrier partners to help fulfill deliveries. As of today, our network consists of 2 Mn+ drivers, 22,000+ on-the-road carriers (FTL, LTL), 1000+ Courier, Express, Parcels (CEP) players in addition to ocean and air carrier service providers. We have achieved massive growth in our carrier network in the North American, Europe region in past quarters. This will enable our customers to better prepare for capacity constraints and peak demand phases.

Low-tech carrier enablement

Achieve improved visibility compliance with FarEye’s self-service carrier onboarding toolkit for low-tech carriers. Achieve faster go-live by saving implementation time and empowering carriers to onboard themselves.

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