Anticipatory Logistics: A Gold Mine for ‘Smarter’ Enterprises

Today in every industry, customers vary from one another in terms of their requirements and demands. Furthermore, in all industries, companies compete for a greater market share by acquiring a large base of customers whether loyal or not. When we talk about captivating customers, our concern is about the cost, price of product or service, speed and comfort of delivery, psychological recognition and other elements that make enterprises brood over efforts that would let them stay relevant in the market.

Anticipatory Logistics: A Gold Mine for ‘Smarter’ Enterprises

Supply chain management is a critical function for the companies and adopting anticipatory logistics help them in managing their products and services in direct proportion to the customer’s demand. This is done by maintaining a stronghold over internal inventories, production, distribution and the topmost of all - sales. In order to dynamically cater to the customer needs enterprises need to start upgrading their IT infrastructure and adopt new-age flexible, scalable and future-oriented solutions which can help make anticipatory logistics a reality! First, let us understand what ‘Anticipatory’ logistics means. Anticipatory logistics is a system pre-built with algorithms to maintain information, which anticipates the customer’s needs so suppliers can be prepared to deliver adequate products or services in order to cater to the customer’s needs. While on one end a retailer sells clothes and on the other, a financial institution sells insurance policies, a customized system is required to regulate their specific needs.

Successful organizations in every industry know how important it is for a customer to get what he or she needs at the blink of an eye.  Corporates are also building strong anticipatory logistics function to streamline their supplies, procurement, manufacturing, consumption, warehousing, order management, and transportation.  In a scenario of anticipatory logistics, the providers are geared up to boost their process efficiency and service quality, minimizing delivery times by prophesying demand before an order or a request is even placed.

The vision for the enterprises today is to simplify, enliven and customize the experience provided to their tech-empowered customers. As around 86% of the customers prefer delivery to be a part of their online shopping experience, so it is more relevant to an enterprise to adopt smarter technologies across touch-points and delight their customers in as many ways as they can.

Every enterprise has its own set of unique requirements and no standard software or ready-to-use solution can cater to all of their business requirements. The organizations have to be well equipped with the right technology and resources in order to meet the customers’ demand and to provide a seamless omni-channel customers experience. Organizations are still struggling to have a real-time view of the logistics operations and keep the customer participated during the entire delivery process. Enterprises across the industry verticals are looking for technology partners who can help them in augmenting the customer experience and deliver the value promised by brand, across all geographies. Observing the needs have today’s enterprises in order to reduce their operational costs involved in delivering the superior customer experience, By visualizing a unique business requirement and delivering it at speed of light is extremely simple with FarEye’s BPM engine. FarEye, a technology platform trusted by world’s largest companies to make their logistic processes ‘smarter’ with ‘cloud’  and ready for Industry 4.0 to ensure the requirements to be self-motivated and advanced to be more accurate self-driven systems to maximize the market share among all industries. FarEye is currently serving the industry leaders across the verticals like - Express Retail, Pathology, Financial Services and Supply Chain.

Built on BPM (Business Process Management) framework, FarEye helps you quickly build new products for your e-commerce or retail customers like store pickups, time-bound delivery and reverse pickups. This Web platform empowers your managers with tools for higher efficiency like efficient route optimization, live tracking, and predictive delay calculation while the mobile application empowers your delivery agents to pick and deliver seamlessly with real-time updates. We don’t just stop here; we help you build customer-centric logistics processes by providing a map-based live track of your shipments and power to re-schedule or suggest options to deliver to a nearby retail store.

Winning over the challenges of an in-house IT department like tedious coding and testing processes, circumstances that call for instant changes in business process can be seamlessly accommodated with no downtime as FarEye’s platform can accommodate any changes or additional requirements with a simple ‘Drag-and-Drop’ – That’s how easy it is for us! These new requirements can be executed with minimal disruption, keeping the organization agile and ready for new opportunities and revenue streams – so that you can focus on just growing leaving the execution to the experts!

There is a need for the enterprises to partner with the best technology platforms which can help them grow and cater to the demands of the consumers in this ever-changing digital world!

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