5 Quick Benefits of Route Optimization & Route Planning

Benefits of route optimization are many. To start with, it ensures highly efficient journeys between multiple logistics touch-points. In other words, route optimization is not about taking the shortest path between two points. Instead, it is the quickest and the most efficient route that takes into account traffic jams, tonnage, no-entry zone windows, and other factors to ensure your deliveries are made in the shortest possible time at a lower cost.

That’s great, isn’t it? 

Probably you are already using free software to identify the best possible routes for your shipments. But that’s not enough. In fact, free route optimization solution can harm your business rather than doing good. The reason is that free software comes with several restrictions and cannot scale with your business. Besides, the shortest option isn’t always the most efficient one. For example, the most direct route might be the quickest but full of freeways and left turns that can increase your fuel consumption significantly. 

Optimize Your Deliveries with a Route Optimization Solution

Are you still using pen, paper, or maps to optimize your deliveries? If yes, you are possibly losing out a large share of your market due to an ancient route planning system. Instead, it is better to embrace an enterprise-grade route optimization solution that will streamline your shipments and save you a significant amount of money.

Besides streamlining your delivery process and cutting down on costs, an efficient delivery process contributes towards your customer experience, turning customers into loyal brand advocates. For most customers, shipping impacts their delivery, and fast delivery is an essential factor in choosing one retailer over another. In addition to faster deliveries, customers also expect accuracy and professionalism from your last-mile delivery partners, which is only possible when your employees are not over-burdened and can complete the deliveries with a smile.

5 Quick Benefits of Route Optimization & Route Planning

  • Automated routing

  • Dynamic rerouting

  • Intelligent delivery allocation

  • Real-time updates

  • On-the-go mobile app

Yes, a routing solution can automatically calculate the best route for deliveries and streamline your workflow efficiently. However, you can get even more out of your delivery planning with the following tips:

Prioritize Your Deliveries

It is vital to prioritize your deliveries so that you can get the maximum out of your routing solution. For example, by defining the day’s priorities, you tell the algorithm what must be included in the route and which orders can be pushed to another date in the case of any impediments.

In addition to setting the priorities right, you must load your vehicles correctly so that the drivers don’t make any mistake once they reach the destination. An efficient routing tool not only plans deliveries according to the priorities set by you but also helps in proper loading by recommending the right vehicle for the shipments you are carrying.

Keep Your Customers Updated

In the present times, customers want more control over their deliveries and expect complete transparency from sellers. Therefore, it is most important to make realistic delivery commitments to your customers rather than making promises you can’t keep. 

An intelligent routing solution allows you to assign the right order to the right resource, giving you an accurate estimate of the delivery time so that you can inform your customers accordingly. Also, such a solution offers dynamic rerouting and real-time updates to keep your customers informed of any possible delays in their shipments.

Be Open to Changes

Traffic, weather, customer preferences – any of these factors can change at any time and jeopardize your planned shipments. However, with an advanced routing solution or tool, you get the advantage of dynamic rerouting to follow the best possible course in the face of any impediments. Besides, you also get access to a powerful app that lets you communicate with your drivers so that you can keep them updated on any changes in the delivery schedule in real-time.

Listen to Your Drivers

A solution like this ensures highly efficient routing. However, it is always good to check with your drivers and use their knowledge to make any necessary changes. For example, one of your drivers may be familiar with a specific route and aware of traffic pockets that cause problems at certain times. You can always use these inputs and feed them into your routing solution for more accurate planning. It is also possible that your last-mile delivery partners are aware of customers who tend to request last-minute changes. Such feedback can be used to request extra delivery time at the outset to meet customer expectations without burdening your resources.

At FarEye, we have transformed hundreds of businesses with our intelligent routing tools and solutions to know how we can empower your business achieve the same you can signup for a quick demo here.

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