Coronavirus Pandemic: Why We Need Robust Supply Chains Now More Than Ever

More than 3,35,000 cases of Coronavirus have surfaced globally. Country-wide lockdowns are quickly expanding, triggering an avalanche of uncertainties about the future and the simple practicalities of life. Something as mundane as going to a supermarket to buy groceries has now become not only an ordeal but a taboo.

Answering simple questions like, how can people buy their grocery, where do they get their medicines, how can they gain access to anti-virus related products, are becoming difficult. But even with the gory reality of a global catastrophe unfolding, it’s not easy to break the human spirit. Immense amounts of inspiration and hope can be gathered just by witnessing the global community of healthcare workers who are helping contain this pandemic form the frontlines.

When crises like these occur, our carnal instinct to survive kicks in. Fortunately today this instinct is accompanied by digital technologies. In Wuhan, the first city affected by COVID-19, the lockdown triggered panic buying of food, medicines and other essentials, emptying supermarkets. Yet, in a matter of days supplies began coming in. Residents quickly came to terms with the situation and started leveraging digital channels to ensure essential items reach those who need it. Digitally powered delivery systems emerged as a significant aid.

As days progress the demand for online delivery will grow exponentially. According to recent reports, eCommerce sales in many categories have spiked drastically, some, like virus related products, saw an 817% rise in online sales. Grocery stores saw a rise of 80% in their top line orders. To meet delivery demands, businesses like Walmart and Amazon are hiring more than 250,000 workers. A business’ ability to rapidly scale delivery operations will determine whether the basic demands of people, especially those vulnerable, are met.

To empower businesses, big and small, scale delivery operations FarEye is going to equip companies to effectively deliver with less drivers from store to customers’ home.

FarEye will provide grocery retailers and other companies working to supply goods/items that prevent and assist in the eradication of COVID-19 virus impact by allowing zero-fee access to its platform.

FarEye will provide free access to its platform (software) 

  • to grocery retailers and other companies working towards supplying goods/items that prevent the spread and assist in the eradication of COVID-19 virus impact - until June 30, 2020 and will extend it if the situation requires it
  • For all deliveries to hospital sites & for supply of food and medicines for non-government organizations that are responding to COVID-19 crisis until September 30, 2020

FarEye will work with our partners to:

  • provide contact less deliveries through wallet enabled app with no card and cash transactions
  • optimize key assets such as staff and vehicle capacity
  • leverage crowdsourcing to flex and increase staff roster by onboarding skilled and temporary staff immediately
  • offer dynamic routing solutions to allow for maximum staff-vehicle utilization
  • ensure dynamic additions of emergency collections and deliveries while a driver is out on the route
  • offer maximum stops per route and ensuring demands of the most vulnerable are met first
  • provide a smartphone app for drivers to ensure real-time communication with customers and head office
  • rapidly go-live and commence operations

FarEye shall be on-boarding businesses remotely and instantly. We will offer services to businesses of any size, that are moving goods from stores to customers and hospitals.

To know more about how your business can rapidly scale operations during these critical times get in touch with a FarEye expert here.

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