Leveraging Crowdsourcing Delivery To Scale Deliveries Like A Pro

There has been a 300% growth in digital ordering and delivery in the US. As much as 70% of customers say that by the end of 2020 they will leave a restaurant that does not offer online services and 82% of customers blame a restaurant for poor delivery experience. The numbers clearly suggest a sense of urgency with regards to providing, scaling, and enhancing delivery operations. 

The ongoing pandemic has exposed businesses to a situation where they are not able to respond to demand-shocks. Inability to scale deliveries, deliver on same-day delivery expectations, and reducing operating costs are rapidly feeding into the bottom lines of businesses. Even logistics middlemen like 3PLs and LTL providers are not able to successfully respond to demand-shocks as they mostly operate at full capacities already. Taking an absolutely different path, savvy businesses are shifting focus on leveraging crowdsourcing technologies. 

In simple terms, crowdsourcing logistics can be referred to as a process that empowers shippers, retailers, and grocery stores to dodge the middlemen and directly reach out to temporary or part-time delivery executives. To keep things in perspective, one can imagine this to a ride-hailing service. The difference is that instead of commuters, goods and packages are being transported through this process.

Now, especially with the ongoing pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, crowdsourcing is not just a 'good to have' it's rapidly rising to the ranks of being a necessity for online retailers and even for brick-mortar stores. An interesting survey back in 2018 accurately captured the growing phenomenon of crowdsourcing in the world of online delivery. It highlighted that the need to compete with Amazon has resulted in nearly 10% of retailers making use of crowdsourced delivery, with an additional 26% planning to do so in the future.

How Crowdsourcing Delivery is Transforming Logistics Delivery Operations

A crowdsourcing platform empowers logistics teams especially fulfillment managers, dispatch managers, and transportation managers centrally manage and scale driver operations digitally. It ensures efficient driver operations, makes onboarding drivers easy, centralizes delivery operation management, and accurately benchmarks KPIs.

Efficient Driver Operations

Through crowdsourcing, enterprises can meet elastic demands without affecting profitability and bottomline. This paves way for a more economically efficient and viable means to run driver operations. 

Swift & Easy Driver Onboarding 

Crowdsourcing helps businesses quickly onboard drivers in a really short time by leveraging a user-friendly mobile application. The easy-to-use app allows a variety of things like driver registrations, uploading identity proofs, and check driver status in real-time. 

Centralized Operations Management

Such a platform ensures that delivery stakeholders can centrally manage all driver operations on a single pane of glass. This, in turn, ensures quick decision making, high levels of operational visibility, enhanced KPI benchmarking, and greater fleet control. It also makes core delivery processes like roster management seamless by ensuring one-click roster upload, easy driver check-ins, and check-out and efficient scheduling of breaks.

KPI & Performance Management

The platform empowers enterprises to gain seamless access to data regarding driver performance like delivery success rate, delivery delays, delivery completion, cost incurred per delivery so on, and so forth. It also helps delivery stakeholders to align delivery KPIs with core business objectives like ensuring high levels of productivity, better customer experience, and delivery profitability. To motivate drivers to be highly productive, such a platform leverages gamification tools. The drivers get real-time updates about the number of deliveries completed by himself and his peers, gain visibility of customer feedbacks, know about pending tasks, and so on.

FarEye’s crowdsourcing capabilities has been empowering global eCommerce brands to quickly and efficiently onboard delivery executives to meet surging demand for home deliveries, especially during this ongoing pandemic. To know more about how crowdsourcing can help you scale delivery operations you can download this detailed report or sign up for a quick demo here.

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