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Customers Don't Like Mystery Boxes When They Pay For It!

Joanna's daughter was turning 13 next month, and as is with most teenagers, she didn't know what to gift her daughter. She turned to her favourite search engine, which suggested gifting a mystery box. Joanna quickly ordered a gift mystery box for teenage girls, selected the best gift-wrapping option and wrote an emotional message that would be delivered, along with the gift on her daughter's birthday. All at the click of a button!

However, as her daughter's birthday arrived with much fanfare, the mystery box did not! A disappointed Joanna was heartbroken, along with her daughter. There was no way to track the gift or even to know of the delay in the delivery. The box arrived out of the blue, almost a week late, along with a phone call apologizing for the delay. Even though the contents were great, the built up expectations and anticipation for the mystery box were dashed to the ground due to the delayed arrival. 

So, what went wrong with the mystery box? The fault lay in the fact that the delivery and shipping system were not using an up-to-date logistics software platform. In today's world of instant gratification, the retail consumer demands a Swiss-watch precision delivery, real-time tracking, and instant updates. 

An item like a birthday gift is very time-sensitive. The joy of receiving a gift is a central component of the overall birthday experience. For a merchant, it becomes critical to ensure timely delivery by investing in a digital logistics platform. Such a platform tracks the dispatch, routing and last-mile delivery of packages, significantly increasing the logistics capacity of the merchant while enhancing the customer experience.

Don't be surprised to know that most customers blame only the merchant or retailer for a delayed or missed delivery, reflecting quite easily with negative publicity. By choosing the right logistics software, you can provide your customers' professionalism, visibility, and accuracy throughout the delivery lifecycle. One of the things that nobody likes to see is the flash of the message 'Out For Delivery'. Instead, if the customer could see the message 'Package arriving by 6:00 PM today', there would be no fog of uncertainty in anyone's mind. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based delivery systems can allow you to automatically allocate tasks to delivery personnel based on available resources, route optimization, and destination of the parcel. Delays caused by unforeseen events like a highway pile-up, inclement weather like a snowstorm or blizzard and road closures can be tracked and updated giving the customer second-by-second clarity on the current location of their package, as well as an accurate expected time of arrival (ETA). 

The demands for a faster, cheaper, and an exceptional experience aligns with the need-it-now mentality of the modern retail customer. A comprehensive logistics and delivery platform will take the 'mystery' out of the whereabouts of the mystery package while keeping the intrigue of the contents itself intact. This will help transform your business from the realm of good customer experience to a delightful one. An informed customer is a happy customer, mitigating anxiety-driven calls and constant update requests to the call-centre. 

Do not forget that a happy customer is also a repeat customer. So, whether you need to ship a mystery box, or something as mundane as paper clips, do not fall short of your customer's expectations. By converting your last-mile logistics problems into fast and flexible deliveries, you can ensure that your customers have increased control over their delivery. Adding the feature of flexible delivery time-slots, or even being able to talk to delivery executives, will enhance the experience and increase loyalty and exceed expectations. 

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