eCommerce Shipping Solutions: Key Features, Benefits & How It Impacts Customer Service

Shipping is an essential part of every eCommerce business. It is an aspect that deals with the general management of logistics; the movement of goods and services from one point to another. Due to an increase in the demand for logistics services, businesses are leveraging advanced eCommerce shipping solutions to better serve and meet customers’ demands.

To run an eCommerce business, we would see that shipping could be strenuous, especially when it’s a huge business that deals with multiple orders at a go. To overcome these ever-increasing challenges, there’s a need for eCommerce shipping software to make shipping processes easy and assist in seamless service delivery.

Today eCommerce shipping platforms can handle multiple orders and shipments from sorting, processing to fulfilment stage without compromising in service delivery. This eCommerce shipping solution has offered seamless data flow, order tracking and order fulfilment by making customers happy.

To meet customer expectations and offer the best experience, your business needs the best eCommerce shipping software. We have helped you prepare a complete eCommerce solution guide that explains and shows you seamless ways to approach your eCommerce shipping business challenges. We can only encourage you because of the benefits to implement shipping software to your eCommerce business today.

What Is eCommerce Shipping Software/Solution?

Ecommerce shipping software/solution is a software application integrated into your eCommerce shipping business to automate and provide seamless delivery services. In addition, it allows you to access orders, process orders, get and monitor real-time shipping information, and provide cost-effective service delivery.

There are several ways this shipping software application can influence eCommerce business such as helping to achieve same-day and one-hour deliveries, making deliveries flexible and more. It can be integrated through SaaS subscription plans. This means you will be required to pay some certain amount of money to use the software.

Why is eCommerce shipping software essential to boost customer experience?

The importance of eCommerce shipping software seems endless when we hear about it, but how do eCommerce businesses boost their customer experience?

Helps achieve same-day and one-hour deliveries

Ecommerce shipping software provides same-day and one-hour shipping. It offers these deliveries through automation of order sorting, processing, real-time tracking and fulfilment within a geographical location. Most often, same-day or prime shipping is achieved when customer location is short and the route is easy to navigate and follow.

Makes deliveries flexible

Logistics becomes less stressful due to automation. Shipping software provides automated warehouse sorting and selection of orders for delivery. Customer’s orders receive immediate attention and get shipped out faster. In addition, customers and drivers can track the order status in real-time. In situations where there are multiple orders awaiting delivery, automated sorting and attachment will help customers receive their items in time.

Ensures contactless deliveries and curbside pickups

Ecommerce shipping software provides contactless and curbside pickups which give customers the flexibility to place orders online and choose to pick them up in warehouses or a specified location.

This is just like home delivery. When you shop for your favourite orders, you add them to your shopping cart and pick them up at a designated location. The process of order delivery requires no close contact with the delivery agent.

It requires some simple steps, drive your car to the designated warehouse, reach out to the agent and receive your intact package in full within a specific time-window. After receiving your package, make your payment and leave feedback. This is simple and flexible.

Some curbside pickup agents may provide home package delivery; they drop the items at your doorstep if you’re not at home at the time of delivery.

Facilitates direct communication between delivery executives and customers

Ecommerce shipping software offers swift communication between customers and delivery agents or executives. This facilitates customer desire and expectations. Customers can pull a call through from home or anywhere at any time in order to make enquiries about order delivery date and other basic information.

Drives quick customer feedback

Exceptional shipping could leave customers astonishing and eventually compel them to leave their best feedback without delay. Quick customer feedback usually happens when eCommerce shipping platforms exceed customer’s expectations in service delivery.

Provides live updates on the delivery progress

A shipping software solution provides real-time updates during delivery by relaying tracking codes to customers and drivers. The moment an order starts importing into a shipping solution, there are automated calculations of order data such as price, weight, size, type and addresses.

Generates customer-centric returns management

This is an aspect of logistics that handles order return management. It focuses on the impact of return orders on consumers. For instance, when a customer returns an item, they feel bad and you should expect them to share their experience with friends and family. In addition, this aspect of logistics management returns damaged items and also handles the delicate impact on customers by engaging and promising good returns.

Ecommerce Shipping Solution: Key Features & Benefits

1. Auto Scheduling & Task Allocation

Ecommerce logistics and shipping software solution automate efficient planning for multiple deliveries. It gives delivery agents or drivers the opportunity to effectively manage routes in real-time and ensure fast movement with transparency in service delivery.

2. Predictive Intelligence

Logistics shipping software provides a proactive intelligent prediction during the supply chain. It helps to pre-determine occurrence and logistics model through automated task allocation and discharge of duty by offering customers a self-service delivery model which enables eCommerce shipping business to meet customer expectation.

3. Automatic Route Planning

The shipping solution software features as a concentrated management control by automating route movement. The routing feature offers GPS control which shows real-time navigation and precisely determines the driver’s movement in order to gain end-to-end shipping visibility.

It also offers self-service delivery through routes optimization in real-time engagement. The algorithm prepares the shipping from the warehouse, monitors the driver's movement to the customer's destination.

4. Loop Optimization

Loop optimization helps to increase delivery speed and ultimately manage delivery time. Loop optimization enhances cache performance and effectively maintains service standards. It allows for efficient shipping of customer’s goods and maintains customer’s satisfaction.

5. Electronic Proof of Delivery

Shipping solution provides downloadable and printable electronic invoice which shows the total number of customer’s items and prices respectively. Customers can download the invoice or receipt as PDF file format for proof of payment after purchase.

6. Customer Feedback

Software application in shipping management enables customers to leave reviews when they receive their items and are satisfied with their shopping experience. Feedback may be positive or negative; each of the two can be determined by effective service delivery. Ecommerce shipping software reduces delivery turn-around time.

7. Real-time Delivery Tracking

Real-time delivery tracking tools provide customers with tracking codes when orders are being processed and shipped. The code provided enables customers to monitor the order location at any given time.

8. In-App Gamification

This involves the integration of games in your shipping software application and while engaging your customers with the normal shipping information. This method helps to drive more traffic to your business and improve user engagement.

Key Benefits

1. Superior Delivery Experience

The power of automation is a superior power that conveniently manages shipping from warehouse order sorting and processing to the fulfilment stage with less effort or human power.

2. Increase in Delivery Profitability

Ecommerce shipping solution software helps logistics businesses to make more profits by fully engaging every aspect of shipping logistics automatically. It handles swiftly every aspect of shipping in order to ensure end-to-end delivery visibility.

3. Highly Efficient Route Planning

Efficient route planning gives shipping companies the opportunity to save and manage fuel. Route planning is very important for carriers to know their precise location without wasting time and fuel. The lack of proper routing planning may strain carriers so that they find it difficult to get items to customers at the appropriate time.

4. Enhancing Delivery Productivity

Delivery productivity enhancement without compromising delivery time is a good quality any logistics business could have. An eCommerce shipping solution enhances shipping scope through automated features and promotes customer expectancy. On-time delivery boosts customer trust and encourages them to use the service next time.

How FarEye’s eCommerce Shipping Software Can Help

There are numerous benefits attached to eCommerce shipping solutions. FarEye’s eCommerce shipping software ensures a pre-planned arrangement of small items or freight movement. This arrangement provides a smooth shipping service from warehouse to customer destination.

Automated scheduling of order arrangement and planning prevents mixed-up orders during sorting and processing in the warehouse. It also offers an efficient way of managing customer payment and invoice generation in PDF format to show proof of purchase.

The software is needed for order return management and replacement. When a customer receives a wrong order or order that is in bad condition, it creates a platform for them to contact support for smooth management. It also helps to solve the problem of trust and transparency and provides good customer service.

It makes a shipping business cost-effective and ultimately optimizes revenue. Shipping solution enhances transportation movement through tracking and GPS location control. In addition, an eCommerce logistics shipping solution relays warning signals to drivers during delivery and mitigates any risks attached. This ensures that customers get the best service delivery with good feedback.

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