Enhance Your Customer’s Experience - Not Just In Theory But Realistically With FarEye’s Automated & Intelligent Dashboard

Dashboards are critical for any business because if you cannot measure it, you cannot win it. FarEye’s dashboard is industry’s most efficient ‘smart’ analytics tool built on top of a BPM framework that helps you monitor your business health and customer happiness at the same time.

Our analytical dashboard gives you data backed insights and helps you in making revolutionary business decisions in no time. Our intuitive design and open source platform helps you increase revenue streams, improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience - Not Just In Theory But Realistically With FarEye’s Automated & Intelligent Dashboard

Questions on your mind? We have answered a few already, read below.

Why do you need logistics movement dashboards?

Your shipments and parcels move through multiple statuses from pickup to delivery. As a brand owner, you’ve made a promise to your customer and dashboards helps you monitor and track the KPIs of your logistics operations.

How do you set it up?

It’s simple and quick. Configure tasks and status you need to track. Map the users with city and branch they need to monitor. Use a variety of charts and tabular components to translate your data pool into actionable insights.

What all can you monitor?

All KPI’s that are important for you to run your business smartly can be tracked in a single view. Monitor delayed shipments, average transit time, average backlogs – everything that is important for your brand to deliver on time.

What about client-specific dashboards?

Go on to the drop-down and filter the dashboard with client ID and view status of all of their shipments.

You could also create a login for your customer by mapping their customer id and they can monitor the status of all of their shipments on a single screen.

What about analytics?

That’s definitely part of the package! We provide smart analytics based upon historical performance determining business efficiency and utilization of resources. Why spend time on admin work and sorting data when everything is in-built for you. Rather, now you can generate actionable insights to make your operations ‘smarter.’

I am not a ‘tech’ person. Can dashboards add value to my work?

Absolutely! Our dashboards are not just vanity metrics but actionable insights. We don’t just give you pie charts and graphs but analytics that are easy to understand. Our interactive and intuitive dashboard is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions to counter your day to day challenges. Facts, figures and insights help in making faster decisions, in turn, helping you in spending your time on actions, rather than the repetitive work.

Are you expensive?

Well, we guarantee an unmatched value for money. Your delight is more precious to us that just auto-generated invoices and billings.

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