Feature Enhancements: October 1st, 2016

It’s been a week that our new product features have been launched, and yet again we have come up with an interesting and cool stuff, so you can lean back and relax in your chair with a cup of coffee.

Radio button for SKU Validations:

SKU Validations! As an operations manager, how much amount of time do you spend on it? To make a complex process simpler & faster; we have launched radio buttons and now hours of your work is moved to just 1.2 seconds with radio buttons.

Wait! Not just doing it fast you can now self-document it the way you want.

Click on the radio buttons & do your work in just 1.2 seconds

Orders V2 - Assign the unassigned orders in a single go:

Juggling between orders in the middle of the day? Attending every order drives you nuts especially during peak hours/season but what if you miss an order in between this? Don't worry now you can just go on to orders V2 tab, select the unassigned orders and manually assign it in a single go.

Deal with the unassigned orders in a single go

Hold on! Not just this, the Order V2 page has something more exciting for you! Um, well how about having filters for segmenting orders according to the way you want? You can now select job type filter, use advanced filters & broadcast orders display expiry time in our new Order V2 module.

The gist of what all you can do in the all-new Orders V2 window:

  1. For broadcast, orders display expiry time
  2. Auto selects Job Type filter from left panel : (1) Scan and Assign & (2)Move and Assign
  3. Hide Move Jobs + Scan and Move button if Manual Action upon order (Job master) is False
  4. Show search button in the Advance filter or a message to the user: "press enter to initiate search"
  5. Hide Rebroadcast button and broadcast status from the filter if not required

Upgrades in Cash Reconciliation :

Viewing the cash reconciliation report according to the single job type is a herculean task. How about viewing the detailed report with all job types at a go? Not just all you can apply the filters you want and get the attributes you would like to see in the report.

Go to Utilities → Reports → Cash Reconciliation → and you could see a Job type. Click on it and you can multi-select the job types.

Event in Process Listing:

Now you can add as many options as you want to take any action in just a few seconds. Scan the details in the process listing in just one go!

User Summary Report:

Why do you think Google tops the game of search engines? Is it because it shows what you need and won’t show the rest of the crap. Do you want to apply the same to your Reports and want to see the attributes that you desire? Then go to utilities → Reports → and on the left tab, you could see User Summary Report.

Click on it and the following window appears, tick the boxes you want and there are you are with the details of the attributes you want.

Hold on! Not just the attributes, now you can download and save the transaction dump report, order dump report and process dump report to your database.

Measure the attendance on the Super Dashboard:

Post few dynamic changes in process dashboard, we have added one more feature to it. Attendance! We all know that what gets measured gets done! Measuring the attendance of hundreds of your workforce is critical, where each workforce fills a critical role in affecting company’s bottom line. Now you can calculate the attendance from the selected date.

And much more exciting stuff :

  • System task Rest API - Implement callback function to API Call
  • Add check to eliminate (0,0) lat-long in user track logs
  • User Attendance Module, User Dump & User Tracking

What’s on the cards in the next release?

Well, post adding new features to our web interface we are coming up with some thrilling features on our mobile app too. Hold your excitement for few more days and you will see some features on the mobile app - Schedule Task, Process tracking & more.

P.S: We won’t let any bug in your operations & so we have fixed most of them, click here:

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