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Empower Remote Work-force with FarEye Field Service Management

Industries such as Logistics, E-commerce, Travel & Transport, employ a big chunk of their task-force to work in the field, who carry-out company’s flagship service. Often times, the team even works in other parts of the world. Such scenarios create management gray areas, where managers have no clue of the job status and possible risks. Field workers, on the other hand, have no clue how to fix those possible risks and of further assignments. Once, out on the field, the next strategy could only be planned after field force report back. However, this is not the case with companies who take advantage of FarEye – a field service management software.

When it comes to managing big field data, there’s hardly any better solution than a cloud-enabled mobile field service management software. Deliberately designed to bridge the gap between managers/decision-makers and field force, FarEye brings the whole company on the same page. This enables companies to fully optimize their field force; at the same time, give complete control of workflow to the managers. Furthermore, with mobile and cloud-enabled features, the software made all field data available at your fingertips, 24/7.

Insightful Statistics on Field Service Technology:

  • Nearly 50% of companies’ workforces use the smartphone as the primary communication device *
  • Tablet usage is on the rise! By 2018, nearly 70% of the mobile workforce will be using a tablet or tablet-like devices **
  • Over 40% of service organizations say that field service management solution is required to address the increasing volume of service requests ***
  • Nearly 40% of surveyed field service companies have budgeted to add mobile tools in 2014 ****
  • Nearly 60% of companies surveyed are not currently using any field service management service or similar automation tools †

Empowering Service Industries: Top Field Service Management Software Benefits of FarEye

For Dispatchers:

  • Fast work-order planning and subsequent automation of field-work allocation
  • Keeping field force updated with latest tasks, despite geographical barriers
  • Getting comprehensive, real-time field service management data, including progress status, location and trajectory
  • Real-time risk management, by enabling fast change in schedule and workflow, plan a fast response to orders that are made through phone calls
  • Seamlessly assign new orders to the field force, without the need to talk in person
  • Efficiently manage inventory, work time, invoicing, accounting, even warranty and customer contacts
  • Real-time work-force tracking with GPS facilities

For Remote Field work-force:

  • Reduced time-lag by the elimination of paper-based reporting system
  • Receive task and instructions ahead of time on mobile devices, work on feasible workday schedule because the workflow is managed efficiently
  • Essential information is made available 24/7; eliminating the need to contact the office, find the optimum route to deliverable addressJob report is automated with just tap of a button

FarEye connects the dots of different aspects of field service management, thereby producing a cohesive and comprehensive picture of the workflow. It gives the competitive advantage a business needs to have an edge over its competitors. Today, FarEye has emerged to be one of the best field service management software, helping businesses from around the globe in improving their productivity, sales and ROI.



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