Happy employee, Happy customer!

We are living in an era where “Customer is the King.” Customer service & customer experience matters the most today than ever. Because customers today have more choices and targeted customers are most valuable to the company, customer service receives a high priority within the company. With the increasing attitudinal change and increase in purchasing power along with penetration of mobile internet to search for more options, it is becoming important to satisfy the customer and retaining him in the present day world.

Happy employee, Happy customer!

Are you a service-oriented company? Then, know how your customers make up their minds:

Perceived service quality is a component of customer satisfaction. Service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer’s perception of reliability, assurance, responsiveness, empathy and tangibles. Though it is influenced by perceptions of service quality, product quality, and price, as well as situational factors and personal factors, customers organize information about service quality in their minds based on these dimensions.

For a service-oriented company, customer experience depends on the speed & quality of the service. And for these companies, the field service guy is the only touch point. In a logistics company, it is the delivery guy, for an after-sales guy it is the field engineer. In many cases., your employee reflects the brand perception of your company. Usually, companies promise a good service, but for a customer to believe it; the field employee is the only person who can build it.

The brand perception depends on the field-service employees because :

  • They are service
  • They are the organization in the customer's eyes
  • They are a brand
  • They are the marketers

Service employees are the brand. Employees truly “are the brand” and optimize the company image that each is attempting to create in the minds of its customers. Because contact employees represent the organization and can directly influence customer satisfaction, they perform the role of marketers. For your employee to satisfy your customer it is important that he is satisfied.

A happy employee makes your customer happy:

It is an underlying logic that employee satisfaction and loyalty to the customer satisfaction are interlinked. Unless service employees are happy in their jobs, customer satisfaction will be difficult to achieve. Thus., investing in the employee to improve the service parallels is as important as a direct investment in the improvement of a manufactured product. Even if the contract employee does not perform the service entirely, he or she may still personify the firm in the customer’s eyes.

In service-oriented industries, like Last-Mile-Delivery, Hyper-local, after-sales and field services your employee represents your brand and interacts with your customer. Here is where the promises are kept or broken by the firm’s employees. To make your employee deliver what you promised, equip him with the right tools to take a better decision.

Although the key to empowerment is going the employees the authority to make decisions, the employee needs knowledge and tools to be able to make these decisions. As we are discussing service -oriented companies let us look at the challenges of the field personnel which include., real-time coordination with the customer and the manager, admin work, locating customer addresses, cash-reconciliation at the end of the day.

Empower your field executive and make him happy and satisfied, to provide a better customer experience to your customer.

Transform the customer experience by empowering your employee with the right technology. Make him communicate your vision and speak for you.

A happy employee leads to a happy customer!

First published on:  by Sri Varshini Kolavennu