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How Dispatch Tracking Software Can Impact The Customer Experience

In an era where customers expect delivery in one-hour, the same or the next day, businesses need to find efficient and cost-effective ways to dispatch the goods in a timely and safe manner. Customer experience is the result of the interaction between a business and a customer, from placing an order to the product delivery. Everything you do impact the customers’ perception of your business. A positive experience will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, which will give businesses an edge over their competitors.

Most businesses, in spite of dispatching their product well in advance to the last distribution point, are unable to provide the best delivery time as the last mile logistics do not perform to its optimum capability. Nowadays, many businesses are providing their customers the option to pick their delivery window. To do that efficiently, businesses need to invest in a dispatch tracking software. Such software would help businesses manage last mile logistics, which includes automated scheduling and capacity utilization, real-time route optimization, delivery tracking and more, efficiently.

Let’ take a look at the key features of dispatch tracking software which can impact the customer experience.

7 Ways Dispatch Tracking Software Boosts Customer Experience

1. Automated Scheduling

A dispatch tracking software provides tools to automate scheduling. GPS tracking and advanced routing plan helps in providing timely deliveries. The software gives full visibility of its resources at all times, and makes tracking of delivery status and proof of delivery of order, easy.

2. Route Optimization

With dispatch tracking software, businesses can come up with a cost-effective route-optimization plan by taking into account delivery window, location and fuel costs. The software will help calculate the best possible route for maximum delivery points by taking real-time problems like traffic or weather conditions into consideration. It also helps in identifying orders in the same delivery windows, which are located near one another to reduce the cost of delivery.

3. Visibility of Delivery Operations

A dispatch tracking software can make information accessible to all stakeholders, including customers through cloud-based data repositories, data processing systems, and real-time notifications and alerts. This brings transparency in the delivery process. Customers are kept updated on the movement of the goods.

4. Real-time Data and Alerts

With the availability of real-time data, businesses can send alerts to the concerned people in case of any disruption on the scheduled route. This includes sending notifications to customers if a delay occurs in the delivery of goods. Customers will also receive notifications about the estimated time of arrival of package and the status of the delivery vehicle.

5. Digital Proof of Delivery

A dispatch tracking software ensures that the digital proof of dispatch and delivery, condition of the goods delivered, non-availability status of customers, payment details are captured electronically through notes, pictures or videos and uploaded immediately into the system. The software would not allow the delivery to be complete without the signatures of both the driver and customer. Also, this digital proof of dispatch can be useful in resolving customer queries or complaints.

6. Customer Feedback

Customers can provide feedback and review about the delivery service through this software. It will help businesses improve their delivery efficiency.

7. Business Intelligence Tools

With the help of dispatch tracking software, you can present the real-time data in visually appealing way, like a chart or customizable dashboards. This way, the data will be easier to interpret. Once you have the necessary information, you can use it to improve the delivery process, increase fuel efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

With the help of a dispatch tracking software, businesses can fulfill customer delivery requirements like preferred delivery window easily. Organizations can plan the fastest and safest route for the drivers, which will ensure that the goods are delivered on time. Timely delivery will please the customers, and you will earn their loyalty.

FarEye’s dispatch tracking software empowers enterprises to improve operations, increase productivity and reduce costs of a business while delivering vastly-improved customer experience. Signup here for a quick demo to know more.

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