How Modern-Day Postals Are Embracing Automation In Courier Dispatching

Logistics is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Worth over USD 430 billion in 2019, the industry is fuelled by various factors such as the increase in online shopping, the promise of one or two-day deliveries and an increase in the use of technology that has made the shipping process seamless. 

Almost every step in courier dispatching is a repetitive process, making them perfect for automation. Automation makes the process faster and prevents mistakes. Automation in courier dispatching is also crucial to reduce the end to end turn around time and drive single day deliveries.

Here is how a modern-day postal can utilise automation in courier dispatching.

1. Sorting Packages

A courier service needs to sort packages based on their weight and destination. Manual sorting is a resource-heavy process that is also prone to errors. 

An automatic sorter scans the barcode on each package and weighs it. It then categorises the package to a type of transport based on the weight and to the bundle that has to go to the nearest hub based on the destination.

2. Identifying The Optimum Route

Every courier from A to B should follow a route that ensures that it reaches the destination at the shortest time while also ensuring efficient transportation. It involves transporting it to the nearest hub first and then further on from there. 

A software that automatically sifts through the various routes to determine the path that ought to be taken by each courier to ensure overall efficiency is immensely beneficial.

3. Track Packages In Real-Time

Tracking packages in real-time is one of the best benefits of automation. It lets the users track their packages and know the correct arrival time. It also makes it easier to track misplaced packages. You can detect when a package deviates from its route, as and when it happens, and reroute it.

4. Automatic Scheduling

Postal service has various vehicles servicing each route. Their drivers need to be scheduled to ensure that each vehicle is carrying the optimum load. When one sends out a vehicle with less than optimal load, it leads to underutilisation of the fuel, driver time and vehicle capacity. Automation also ensures that delivery takes place in the first attempt and thereby, reduces empty miles. 

5. Real-Time Route Updating

A lot of things can mandate a route change once the driver is on the road. The weather conditions, traffic, road works or change in the delivery schedule are just some of the things that can prompt a route change.

Without automation, you need staff to constantly monitor all routes and update the drivers regarding any changes. Not only does it require too much manpower, but it is also prone to errors. There is always the risk of not being able to reach the driver on time to inform them regarding the change. 

Instead, you can equip every vehicle with a GPS navigator that updates real-time changes in the route and informs the driver instantly

6. Monitor Driver Behaviour

Despite rigorous screening and training, there is always a possibility that the driver would not follow proper driving etiquette or might engage in behaviour that can compromise the security of the shipment. Not driving at the optimum speed can also lead to an increase in fuel consumption. 

Real-time driver behaviour monitoring can inform the manager instantly regarding such behaviour. The manager can then inform the driver right away or can retrain the driver if needed. 

Step Into the Future With Automation!

Automation is the future. The modern-day postals must embrace automation in various aspects of the courier dispatching process to ensure process efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. After all, better logistics leads to happier customers!

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