How The Ongoing Pandemic is Bringing Back Focus on Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility of supply chain and logistics operations has been weighing down enterprises for a long time now. Supply chain market research shows that the majority of companies (69%) don't have complete visibility of their supply chains. Only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network. As much as 62% of companies have limited visibility of their supply chain and 15% only have visibility on production. 

With evolving customer demands and the growing need to make logistics operations cost-effective, enterprises gradually started realizing why it’s important to address the visibility challenge. Above that, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented levels of urgency for enterprises to eliminate the visibility problem.

Stay at home restrictions have ballooned demand for online delivery of essential items like grocery, food, medicines, virus protection kits and more. Being essentials, these items need to be delivered fast. To ensure that delivery stakeholders need a hundred percent visibility of ground level or logistics operations, especially now with localized lockdowns and evolving transportation compliance in place. Savvy businesses are deploying real-time route optimization platforms to navigate through these uncertain times. 

A real-time dynamic routing platform empowers businesses to optimize last-mile operations by increasing delivery productivity, optimizing fleet utilization, boosting profitability, increasing fleet control, and more. Let’s quickly understand how.

Increases Delivery Productivity

A real-time dynamic routing platform allows enterprises to leverage the shortest and the most fuel-efficient route while planning return journeys. To further optimize the cost of delivery operations, logistics stakeholders can easily assign emergency pickup tasks to vehicles returning empty from a customer’s location. Now with scattered lockdowns imposed across cities, a routing platform empowers delivery executives to proactively avoid road closures and containment zones.

Optimizes Fleet Utilization

By implementing a dynamic routing platform businesses can improve fleet utilization and profitability per order. Engines that drive such a platform support the most exhaustive constraints required for transportation operations. Some of the constraints are driver-route mapping, pickup windows, delivery windows, no-entry time windows, tonnage, empty miles cost, running and waiting costs, etc.

Ensures Last-Mile Profitability

A real-time dynamic routing platform makes deliveries profitable. It reduces empty miles, improves fleet capacity, automatically generates fuel-efficient routes, and ensures seamless multi-drop delivery routes. All these factors significantly contribute towards lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership) of executing delivery operations. By constantly optimizing delivery routes in real-time, it eliminates chances of delays, ensuring high levels of delivery productivity.

Increases Visibility and Fleet Control

A dynamic routing platform helps enterprises gain real-time visibility of freight or goods in transit. Such a platform instantly triggers an alert in case a driver takes unnecessary diversions, ventures into containment zones, halts for too long or takes unprecedented stoppages. This significantly increases overall control over the fleet activity.

Drives Crowdsourcing

Increase in demand for faster deliveries is resulting in massive resource crunches. Even 3PL providers like LTL carriers are finding themselves running in full capacity. Dynamic routing platforms can quickly and cost-effectively onboard temporary delivery executives to scale delivery operations. They can do so by scanning hundreds of delivery ecosystems across markets. These temporary executives are not blindly onboarded. A dynamic routing platform hires them based on their productivity history, proximity from customer and store locations, cost among other important KPIs.

FarEye is empowering global brands to drive highly efficient delivery operations, especially at a time when the pandemic is causing massive supply chain disruptions. To know how our real-time routing platform can help you, sign up for a quick demo.

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