Is Your Trucking Software Missing The Following Features?

What is trucking software?

Trucking software is an excellent application that helps companies plan, organize, manage and coordinate their fleet from a central information system. It enhances fleet efficiency and streamlines delivery cycle, the two primary goals of trucking companies across the world. 

A web based trucking software with customized features can allow transport companies to run their overall fleet organization smoothly.

9 Essential Features of Best Trucking Software Should Include

Apart from being user-friendly, scalable, and efficient to help companies optimize costs and improve performance, the trucking software should have features that are versatile and agile enough to fulfill the ongoing needs of a business.

Here is the list of 9 features the best trucking software shouldn't miss out on-

1. Load Planning & Dispatch

To ensure smooth delivery end-to-end, load planning & dispatch is an essential feature to have in any TMS trucking software. This will allow you to pre-plan the dispatch to the appropriate truck load in a few simple steps once the load processing is done. This is especially important for carriers with Full Truck Loads (FTLs) and Less Than-Truck-Loads (LTL) as they can be optimized by distributing load in a way that there is the proper utilization of load capacity.

2. Fuel Management

This is a must-have feature in trucking software for carriers that helps you track your fuel usage and expenses effortlessly. Apart from recording all fuel purchases for reporting purposes, you can also integrate fuel optimization to route and fuel the truck at your preferred fuel stops using various tools, including telematics, fuel reporting, and more.

  1. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Compliance

Most companies struggle with paperwork and managing reporting requirements when it comes to IFTA compliance. Having an IFTA compliance feature in your intermodal trucking software makes the process much simpler by automatically calculating all the reporting requirements.

4. Truck Tracking

One of the essential aspects of any trucking business is asset management to ensure the safety of not just the carrier but also of freight and driver. The truck tracking feature in your software will give you more control over managing freight and deliveries. Further, it also helps you manage clients' expectations better as they can also have regular status updates of their freight.

5. Trucking Invoice

If you really want your trucking business to succeed with increased profitability, you need to speed up your trucking billing cycle by sending out your invoices promptly to the customers. With the trucking invoice feature, you can keep a tab on the status of all your payments, invoices and other finances. Having an invoice management feature in your trucking tracking software will also allow you to take care of everything right from purchase orders to IFTA payments and gives you the benefit of timely reminders for upcoming bills and all your unpaid invoices.

6. Truck Routing

An excellent feature to have in online trucking software, it helps your carriers to be on the right track. It also ensures that all your truck routes are efficiently planned in terms of both fuel and man-hours.

7. Truck Driver Management

No more worrying about which driver drove the load and to where. The feature allows you to manage drivers and pay them by just looking at a report. There are various parameters and driver data such as capacity, efficiency percentage, miles covered and level of expertise that you can use to gauge the performance of your carriers.

8. Security Assets

With this feature, you can tag your vehicles and other assets to prevent the instances of loss due to theft, or the use of company truck during non-operating hours or without permission.

9. Payroll Management

Taking care of payroll can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are doing it manually. But with this feature in your trucking system software, you can save a great deal of time and pay your drivers without any stress as it will completely automate the payroll process.

Bottom Line

Getting a dependable and the best software for trucking companies with customized features is an important requirement for a trouble-free trucking business. Whether your company manages a fleet of utility trucks, tow trucks, or service vehicles, having a robust trucking industry software with the above features will help you ensure the safety of your fleet/ drivers and manage your business operations smoothly.

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