Route Optimization Software for Faster Deliveries in 2021

According to Gartner, businesses are no longer competing on price. Instead, customer experience is the new battleground for companies who wish to capture and retain, the lion’s share of their respective markets. Route optimization software can be of immense help in batteling competition and delivering on evolving customer expectations. 

What is route optimization software?

Such software empowers enterprises to generate a seamless delivery experience by ensuring real-time tracking of delivery fleet, optimization routes based on multiple external factors like weather, traffic congestions, one-ways, empty miles, delivery urgency, tonnage and more. It drastically imporves delivery turn-around-time, boosts customer tranaperancy and experience and significantly shrinks delivery costs.

For most businesses, it all boils down to a couple of basics — first, speedy and efficient delivery, and second, responsive customer service. However, if you failed to deliver a product on time, and did not even notify the concerned customer, even the best customer service team may not be able to appease that customer.

In other words, timely delivery is the cornerstone of an excellent customer experience. But that’s not enough. In a recent study, 99% of U.S. consumers said that ‘fast delivery’ is important to them while making online purchases. Most customers also expect a high degree of professionalism and accuracy when having items delivered. A Voxware poll revealed that over 50% of customers would stop using a retailer after two or three late deliveries. 59% of customers said they would not use a retailer after two or three incorrect deliveries. 

Route Optimization Software

Delivery Route Optimization app Ensures Fast and Accurate Deliveries

It is a well-known fact that your fleet’s inefficiency can cost your business time, money, and customers, too! That’s why fleet managers have historically spent hours with a pen, paper, and maps to pinpoint the fastest and most efficient routes for their delivery executives. Unfortunately, maps are not enough to speed your deliveries, especially when you are faced with stiff competition in the market. Traffic congestions, driver idling time, no-entry time windows, tonnage – a lot of factors come into play while planning deliveries. The reason is simple. You don’t need the shortest route. Instead, you need the fastest, safest, and, if possible, fuel-efficient way to make timely deliveries possible.

Did you know that 22% of vehicle crashes happen due to bad weather? Or, the average American driver spends over 16 minutes a day idling their vehicle. Collectively, this leads to 3.8 million gallons of fuel being wasted each day. 

With routing software, you can ensure that your fleet does not contribute to these statistics. Modern enterprise-grade route optimization platform provides real-time updates on traffic, weather, and the location of your vehicle. It puts you in a position where you can directly contact the driver of a vehicle if you notice any unnecessary delays or diversions. Such software also makes it possible to improve the productivity of delivery executives by assigning them highly efficient routes.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Route Optimizer Software

In an era of instant gratification brought upon by Amazon Prime, businesses are fighting hard to retain customers who are ready to abandon ship after a single bad experience. To ensure your customers’ satisfaction, it is vital to invest in a route optimizer software that will make your deliveries faster, efficient, and accurate while also adding to the happiness of employees through better planning.

For example, route optimization software can:

  • Mark your delivery executives’ day in advance, giving them a head-start to complete their allocated deliveries.
  • Intelligent allocation by the software means the deliveries will be scheduled in a logical order to optimize the number of shipments.
  • Enables real-time coordination with delivery stakeholders including customers. This prevents your agents from making unnecessary trips where deliveries cannot be fulfilled due to customer unavailability.

Today, the C-Suite of organizations faces a double-edged sword. They must ensure customer satisfaction, as well as employee satisfaction to keep their business running and curate winning experiences for clients. Investing in a modern route optimization systems and tools can help businesses achieve these twin objectives by ensuring faster and accurate deliveries and also reducing the workload of your delivery executives through better planning.

At FarEye, we have transformed hundreds of businesses with our intelligent route optimization software that promises improved logistics efficiency, increased customer satisfaction levels, and reduced operational expenses. Sign up for a demo to know how we can transform your logistics operations.

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