Staying Connected with Customers In The Age of Contactless Deliveries

Remember the times when we used to shake hands? That time when you gave a pat on your colleague’s shoulder to thank her for having your back in a meeting? Or that routine bear-hug that was reserved for your daughter after you came back home from work? Remember that casual fist-bump you had a habit of doing to thank the pizza delivery guy for delivering food in the wee hours of the morning? Well, those are memories now and we are not going to relive it anytime soon. Such is the power of the vicious COVID-19.

There are very few events in life that are powerful enough to completely alter the way you socialize that too at a very personal level. The human race is faced with an epiphany now. An epiphany that made us realize how fragile our habits are. How powerless established rules and regulations can be. The vulnerability of our lives was perhaps never been rubbed so close to our face. As the COVID-19 pandemic consumes more lives across the globe, survival has a new name--social distancing. Hence, to ensure that social distancing norms are strictly maintained nations across the globe locked themselves down. This made it extremely challenging for people to buy essentials like food, grocery, and medicines. Without a vaccine, lockdowns were the best governments could do to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Now it is up to the eCommerce industry to make the lives of people easier and safer. Demand for online deliveries of essential items skyrocketed. According to a study, in the US number of households ordering groceries online went up by 145.3% owing to the ongoing pandemic. The study also highlighted that 26% of the online grocery shoppers surveyed (or the equivalent of 10.3 million U.S. households) said they are using a specific online grocery service for the first time. This rate of new users jumps to 39% for shoppers 60 years and older. Therefore, demand shocks for the home delivery industry were inevitable. Now, as more and more people start moving online for buying essential items, it becomes absolutely imperative for businesses to ensure high levels of safety while executing deliveries.

This pandemic is now driving businesses, especially the home delivery industry, to introduce rapid innovations in the way they operate. Therefore, going contactless to connect with customers is emerging as the safest way to deliver.

The Dawn of Contactless Deliveries

Contactless deliveries mean leaving a delivery at a customer’s doorstep without any physical means of intimation like ringing a bell or knocking. A delivery executive keeps order at a customer’s doorstep, takes a picture of the same, and sends it to the customers to inform that the delivery is done. Then the customer picks it up when she wants. Now the question rises how do customers pay? So, contactless deliveries also include contactless payments.

The words contactless payment might not be new, but it was never really associated with last-mile or home delivery. Now with ‘social distancing’ becoming the norm of the day, retailers are trying their best to provide customers with contactless or “tap-and-go” payment options to completely eliminate cash transactions by leveraging digital wallets. These payment options are basically OTP based highly secure transactions.

There is another important safety-aspect of contactless deliveries, and that is ensuring proper hygiene. Advanced home delivery platforms, that are specially tailored to empower businesses to operate during the ongoing pandemic, empower home delivery brands to execute routine temperature checks of store staff, kitchen staff, and delivery executives. Such a platform ensures that body-temperatures are measured at the beginning of each shift and the same information is made available to customers. This significantly improves the transparency of delivery operations as customers now have full visibility of a delivery executive’s health status.

Owing to the ongoing pandemic customers will quickly shift their loyalty towards brands that offer high levels of safety standards. Therefore, it might be the right time to ensure that your business is in the good books of customers.

Ever since the pandemic started, FarEye has been empowering businesses to ensure high levels of safety standards with regards to executing deliveries. To know more about how we are achieving this signup for a quick demo here.