Supply Chain News Wrap: Running out of beer bottles, Harrods summer sale delayed and more

Hello there! Here's your dose of all the top news doing the rounds in the world of supply chain and logistics this week.

Running out of beer bottles and sriracha sauce

Beer bottles, popcorn bags, and sriracha sauce are the latest items to have taken a hit due to the global supply chain crisis. Breweries in Germany are asking people to return empty beer bottles with manufacturers unable to produce enough bottles and aluminum cans, while movie theaters in the U.S. are battling a shortage of popcorn bags, drink trays, and cups.

In Australia, KFC is putting cabbage in its burgers due to the short supply of lettuce. Bloomberg reports that U.S. consumers are rushing to stock up on sriracha with some calling it the “worst news of the year” and the “end of days.”

Supply chain experts believe the use of modern technologies for better inventory management can help enterprises manage shortages effectively. Intelligent and predictive visibility can help enterprises identify bottlenecks and disruptions in the supply chain and make changes accordingly.

UK fashion retailers face supply chain headwinds

Harrods has delayed its summer sale due to supply chain snarls delaying the arrival of its new season stock. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Managing Director, Michael Ward said that the luxury department store’s supply chain was running two to three weeks behind schedule. Harrods problems have been exacerbated by labor shortages due to Brexit.

And it's not just Harrods that's facing the brunt of supply chain chaos, other top UK fashion retailers like JD Sports and Black and Millets are expecting lower sales due to the crisis. Primark, one of the UK's largest fashion retailers is raising prices to meet the increase in shipping and fuel costs.

A survey featuring the UK's top 100 retailers revealed that a majority of them are planning to pivot to technology and see it as their immediate priority. 61% of the retailers are looking to adopt robotic process automation, while 59% want to switch to cloud services to battle cost and supply chain challenges.

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