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An Ode To Delivery Heroes During Lockdown

June 11, 2020

The delivery of essential goods has been a lifeline for households across the globe, and it's the delivery executives who have supported businesses of all sizes in staying adrift. The world owes a great debt to these individuals who work relentlessly in providing these essential home deliveries risking contracting Coronavirus.

Why Dynamic Routing Is a Key To Highly Efficient Delivery Operations

May 11, 2020

A dynamic routing platform drastically improves efficiency of delivery operations by increasing fleet visibility, automating route planning, intelligently allocating tasks, reducing empty miles, intelligently optimize routes, ensuring profitability per order, and doing much more. Let’s quickly go through each of these aspects.

Rapidly Evolving Factors That Makeup for a Delightful Customer Experience

May 09, 2020

According to a survey, when asked what delivery standards the industry should be striving to achieve in the future, 70% of consumers surveyed want more flexible options. But unfortunately, only 4% of retailers allow customers to make changes to their delivery requirements at any time after they have placed an order. This needs to change now.


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