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The 3 keys to becoming a 3PL of choice

June 07, 2019

When you are a 3PL, cost is a factor you need to be cognizant of in order to keep your total costs of operation. This is possible through streamlined and data-driven management of job allocation, efficient handling of field operations, saving empty miles, improved collaboration between customers sand field delivery agents.

Logistics Software: 21 Things You Need to Know, Right Now

May 28, 2019

When talking about the existence of a logistics software, the developments that took place in the 1980s plays a key role. It was during this period that personal computers emerged, and this helped supply chain owners plan logistics in a more graphical environment.

5 Pillars Of Success & How Ecommerce Delivery Software Can Help

April 10, 2019

New-age ecommerce delivery software has capabilities facilitating localisation in-built in them. That will essentially help easy onboarding and adoption among field agents who can help drive more deliveries through merely the ease of using the app.


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