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The Journey of a Package and a Customer's Lament

August 26, 2020

Many enterprises today still struggle to recognize the myriads of emotions a simple package represents and hence, they frequently commit the mistake of not doing enough to ensure that a package is delivered properly with love, on time and in its full glory to the customer.

Customers Don't Like Mystery Boxes When They Pay For It!

August 14, 2020

The demands for a faster, cheaper, and an exceptional experience aligns with the need-it-now mentality of the modern retail customer. By choosing the right logistics software, you can provide your customers' professionalism, visibility, and accuracy throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Get Ahead Of Last Mile Challenges With These 8 Steps

June 29, 2020

Last-mile connectivity remains a hurdle for many businesses, as a lot of the challenges are outside the company’s control. However, newer technology solutions now offer a way to better leverage their existing physical investments and minimize last-mile delivery challenges.


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