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Four Things Even An Advanced Logistics Software Cannot Do

June 10, 2019

An advanced logistics software with machine learning capabilities can crawl through past incidents of thefts on a route and deliver valuable insights on why a particular route should be avoided completely or at a given point of time.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Part With Your Traditional Logistics Strategy

June 03, 2019

You might just have to surrender new opportunities owing to the limitations of your existing logistics management process. Why? It’s simply not scalable and has inherit limitation with regards to efficiency. Traditional logistics platforms lack the ability to track delivery fleet in real-time, generate accurate ETAs, reduce risks and costs.

Logistics Software: 21 Things You Need to Know, Right Now

May 28, 2019

When talking about the existence of a logistics software, the developments that took place in the 1980s plays a key role. It was during this period that personal computers emerged, and this helped supply chain owners plan logistics in a more graphical environment.