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Logistics Software – Your gateway to a more profitable logistics function

May 24, 2019

Lack of visibility into real-time execution is a serious problem because that leads to a situation where key stakeholders are completely unaware of what the leaks in the system are which are causing significant drain on productivity and resources.

The Future Of Logistics Software

May 21, 2019

Logistics software is going through major changes in not just their capability or feature set, but a complete overhaul that pivots them in a different direction altogether. The scope of logistics as a function itself is changing so dynamically and rapidly that to keep track of the increasing changes becomes a daunting task.

Logistics Delivery Management: Key Challenges To The Field Staff & Managers

February 21, 2019

According to a study, only 6 percent of companies are successfully able to achieve supply chain visibility, and this is not surprising because 70 percent of businesses describe their supply chain as “extremely complex.”