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Grocery Delivery Trends in 2021 That will Redefine Customer Loyalty

January 07, 2021

With everyone embracing digital technology and web-based apps to order groceries, irrespective of age, background, social status, mainly owing to the ongoing pandemic, the new age of grocery retail looks nothing like how it was in the last few decades.

5 Trends That will Drive The Big Box Industry in 2021

January 07, 2021

With a pandemic ravaging the planet, the year 2020 would remain etched in our memories for the longest time to come. Nevertheless, it helped us realise how critical logistics and supply chains have been in these grave times of need and how big box retailers have had to undergo a massive transformation.

The Big Dilemma: A Challenge Grocers Need To Address Now

December 18, 2020

The need for home delivery across the globe surged manifolds. In the US alone, a demand surge that would have taken 10 years, happened in under 6 months. Retailers, especially grocers, were caught completely off-guard to handle demands for home deliveries on such a massive scale.


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