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Still Banking on Paper-Based Delivery Proofs? Here’s Why You Should Ditch It

July 19, 2019

Electronic proof of delivery increases the speed and efficiency of last-mile delivery. It reduces manual errors, eliminates paperwork, and minimizes chances of manipulation.

The Real Cost of A Bad Delivery Experience

July 02, 2019

The bottom line for every business is to satisfy the needs of buyers, which involves several factors, such as customer experience, appropriate support system, quick delivery, and advanced services.

Why 57% of Your Customers Will Leave If You Fail To Deliver On-Time

June 12, 2019

While different organizations may measure on-time delivery differently, it can be defined as the number of shipments delivered on time to the customer with respect to the total number of orders shipped. And if this number happens to be low, it can signify potential issues in your supply chain that must be addressed to improve the overall efficiency of your processes, as well as the user experience.


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