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Is The Holier Than Thou Approach To Reverse Logistics Helping You?

June 20, 2019

A digital control tower has the unique capability to seamlessly integrate disparate supply chain and logistics platforms like ERP, TMS, WMS, and CRM. It accumulates the data generated by these systems and displays it on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Reverse Logistics: 3 Ways To Effectively Manage Returns

June 04, 2019

Within a short time, items under reverse logistics can transform into a parasite that feeds on an organization’s profitability. In the US alone, Statista highlights that return deliveries will cost $550 billion by 2020, 75.2 percent more than four years prior.

Reverse Logistics: An Impending Doom?

May 24, 2019

It’s true that managing reverse logistics is no cakewalk, but unless businesses take that first crucial step to address some of the key challenges, they are looking at a future where it will be extremely difficult to recover losses.


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