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7 Benefits of Dispatch Tracking Software

September 24, 2020

Without an efficient dispatch system in place, too much time will be spent in manually tracking the vehicles, planning routes and organizing driver’s schedules. With a dispatch tracking software, managing these processes is easy. The software is designed to help automate routing and scheduling processes, providing an efficient way to coordinate routes and deliveries.

10 Things You Should Know About Delivery Logistics Post COVID-19

September 18, 2020

People won't go out to buy groceries. They prefer eating indoors. Going to shopping malls to buy new clothes became daunting. Result? Skyrocketing demand for home deliveries. Some businesses are still struggling to cope up with this demand. They are trying out innovative ways to scale deliveries, transform last-mile operations and comply with COVID-19 regulations.

Three Ways Technology Can Reshape Courier Dispatching

August 20, 2020

To meet the dual demands of rising parcel volumes and shorter delivery times, both carriers and independent courier companies are putting significant effort in re-engineering their services with the help of technology. Here is how.


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