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Why Dynamic Routing Is a Key To Highly Efficient Delivery Operations

May 11, 2020

A dynamic routing platform drastically improves efficiency of delivery operations by increasing fleet visibility, automating route planning, intelligently allocating tasks, reducing empty miles, intelligently optimize routes, ensuring profitability per order, and doing much more. Let’s quickly go through each of these aspects.

How Intelligent Routing Can Empower Global Enterprises Battle CO2 Emissions

April 24, 2020

As transportation activities intensify owing to rising volumes of home deliveries, hitting the brakes on carbon emissions will become imminent. A dynamic routing platform can empower enterprises to shrink their carbon footprint by automating route planning, eliminating vehicle idling, reducing empty miles, and do much more.

Last Mile Challenge #2: How To Enhance Route Planning

February 03, 2020

A key to successful delivery, one that’s cost-effective and delights customer, is accurate route planning. What makes route planning complex is that it’s dependent on a lot of external factors like risks, fuel costs, government, and environmental regulations, driver shortages, among others.


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