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The Need For Real-Time Dynamic Routing: 5 Reasons Why

October 06, 2020

Real-time dynamic routing allows companies to create optimized real-time routes to manage unpredictable conditions, thus ensuring timely delivery of goods. This method helps companies manage the delivery schedule of fleets where new orders are placed throughout the day. Here are the five advantages of real-time dynamic routing.

The Secret to Achieving Profitable Same-Day Deliveries with Dynamic Routing

October 05, 2020

While a lot of retailers and eCommerce brands were already struggling with scaling delivery operations and providing faster deliveries, the ongoing pandemic made things worse. Stay at home restrictions skyrocketed the demand for faster home deliveries of essential items. Hence, savvy businesses embraced dynamic routing tools to boost delivery operations.

Dynamic Routing in Logistics: The Key to Sustainability

October 01, 2020

To maintain customer satisfaction and eliminate logistics failures, implementation of a dynamic routing platform will help. Dynamic routing in logistics means that routes are created from scratch using a given set of orders and also allow adjustments based on traffic-related or weather issues. The main advantage of dynamic routing is scalability and adaptability.


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