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6 Things That Are Transforming Europe’s Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

June 18, 2019

Businesses in European countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, and others are juggling with new supply chain and logistics strategies to deliver delightful customer experiences. But making customers happy and staying profitable is not easy. Therefore, emerges the need to digitize the core supply chain and logistics processes to reduce operational expenses and deliver efficiently on customer expectations.

Mid-Year Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain

June 14, 2019

Technology disruption has been impacting the post and parcel industry for a long time. The trends that we see in this industry are majorly driven by the need to become more customer-centric and profitable.

Digitalizing Operations For Building a Cost-Effective Supply Chain

January 11, 2018

The convergence of mobility, internet and analytics is giving logistics a tech makeover. This is ushering in a new era of into the supply chain by fuelling the business opportunities and creating new revenues.