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The Need For Real-Time Dynamic Routing: 5 Reasons Why

Owing to the covid-19 pandemic, many people are preferring to shop online, forcing companies to come up with faster and cost-effective ways to deliver goods. This approach to delivering goods would need to cater to a larger clientele while decreasing the costs incurred to do the same. Logically, the shortest route should cover maximum stops, save time and cost, and at the same time, increase the delivery efficiency. But in truth, conditions like traffic, weather, no-entry hours often play spoilsport on well-planned routes for delivery. In such a scenario, real-time dynamic routing can come to your rescue.

Real-time dynamic routing allows companies to create optimized real-time routes to manage unpredictable conditions, thus ensuring timely delivery of goods. This method helps companies manage the delivery schedule of fleets where new orders are placed throughout the day.

Here are the five advantages of real-time dynamic routing -

1. Increased Fleet Efficiency

Fleet, using real-time dynamic routing, shows improved performance productivity as they deliver to more customers with fewer vehicles because of well-planned routes and scheduled vehicles. Real-time dynamic routing helps in maintaining and increasing fleet efficiency by adding the new delivery orders to the planned route for the same day delivery. It helps in keeping the workload balanced. With this method, delivery personnel can take newly added tasks on the fly. Implementing real-time dynamic routing will help companies evaluate and deploy new routes to enhance the fleet performance.

2. Optimized Routes and Route Modification

Real-time dynamic routing allows companies to handle scheduled and on-demand delivery for
customers efficiently. They can even add multiple stops on the route. Using optimized routes, organizations can put their fleet to its maximum use. It also helps in lowering the pollution and carbon emissions. This method considers factors like weather conditions, transportation speed, road conditions, traffic flow and many more, to map the most efficient route for delivery.

3. Reduction of Fuel Costs and Empty Miles

With real-time dynamic routing, you can find the most efficient routes possible, which reduces the fuel costs. It helps monitor fuel consumption and implement better route management. This
type of routing also helps in reducing empty miles by planning the shortest and most fuel-efficient route, especially for return journeys. It also incorporates pickup jobs for fleet returning empty after delivery.

4. Real-Time Driver Tracking

Drivers face many unexpected situations on the road. Situations like a roadblock on a planned pre-planned route of delivery. With real-time dynamic routing, you not only help plan a new route based on real-time situations but can also update the delivery service about the changes easily. It provides real-time visibility into the fleet to track drivers’ activities like following proper speed limits or making unauthorized stops.

5. Boosts Customer Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with customers can lead to steady business and increased customer satisfaction. With real-time dynamic routing, customers can be informed about the estimated time of arrival of their packages accurately. If a delay occurs due to unavoidable circumstances, customers can be informed of the same. 

With real-time dynamic routing, companies can reduce costs, improve planning and increase overall income. A real-time dynamic routing is capable of adapting to the requirements of the company and the customers alike. Leveraging FarEye, global enterprises can use delivery resources to its full potential. It provides companies with increased visibility of fleet movement, optimizes existing fleet, ensures timely deliveries while maintaining low fuel cost and avoiding empty miles. In short, FarEye ensures businesses can fulfill the increasing demands of customers and also be economically viable. To know how, you can sign up for a quick demo here

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