Route Optimization and Route Planning Software UK

The dynamic route planning software in the UK to aid efficient functioning and thereby save valuable time.

Effective Route Planning

Reliable travel time, route planning and allocation done through Route Optimization software can help in cost control and enhance functional efficiency. Uncover new ways to save miles through intelligent and smart algorithms, and thereby help your drivers with smooth mobility. This also helps in shorter pick-up and drop-offs daily.

Fig: Auto Routing Feature

Demarcate proper operating territories

Set up your own territory and operate like a king in your region. By the help of smart data analysis, create areas that can be best managed and accessed by your business. And by virtue of this you will always have an edge over competition.

Manage Routes

The sheer potency of FarEye’s Route Planning software helps analyse various sets of data and quickly adapts to any last minute changes that might be triggered, thereby helping everyone to meet their targets for better efficiency.

Plan routes with multiple stops 

It isn’t an easy task to plan multi stop routes that wouldn’t hit efficiency. But using the route planning software one can optimise the route for an effective last mile delivery and thereby add a delightful customer in your kitty.

Help optimise appointments

Scheduling is an important function and is flawlessly done by routing software to fix cost effective appointments in order to match job needs of available equipment and other resources.

Customise Territories according to your business needs

At times it becomes difficult to efficiently cover an entire region of operation. To it, when the increasing customer demands are added, workers’ woes interfere, and several work locations become unmanageable, bottlenecks start building up. That’s exactly when you need to customise territories that are relevant to your business, taking into account of your available resources and customer needs.

When territories are well defined, the entire process gets streamlined and the sales volume gets tackled efficiently. It is easy to manage territories as parameters such as customer preference, employee workloads, vehicle capacity, driver availability and depot locations can be allocated and addressed intelligently, thereby enhancing productivity and cutting down on the lead time.

For faster result, create more dynamic routes 

In logistics industry the route through which your shipment flows matter a lot. Creating that best route for the business would define your profitability and last mile delivery efficiency. Factors such as where your customers are located, when they would want you there and which driver or vehicle should be allocated to complete the delivery; mainly defines an ideal route.

High precision results

Our routing software takes the above mentioned factors into consideration while generating the best routes for your business. And that too faster than any other competing software solutions with high level of accuracy. This means you will end up spending a lot less time manually tweaking the calculated routes.

Innovative Algorithm

Our routing software is equipped with intelligent and innovative algorithm that evaluates millions of route options before throwing up the best suited one on the screen. It uses powerful cloud-based computers, to quickly find the best course for the drivers so that they can seamlessly get to the other after completing the previous one, no matter how complex the setup might be.

Real Savings

The dynamic routing software easily builds the most optimised route that ends up in saving a lot of bucks in the business. It reduces travel time, improves TAT, reduces carbon footprints and helps in achieving operational Excellency. This in turn boosts the morale of available resources, provides better customer experiences and increase workforce efficiency. It also saves on fuel consumption and reduces miles per delivery and betters last-mile delivery.

The Route Planning Software in UK that assists drivers to achieve efficiency

With a constantly changing business environment and increasingly demanding customers, things have become very unpredictable and a tight-rope walk. The only saviour here could be a smart routing software that will keep you ahead of competition. These dynamic software allows you to make last minute changes in pre-planned routes, driver absences, vehicle break-downs and new or changes jobs. This software comes with an interactive, easy to operate dashboard that eases things at your end. Some key features of the routing software are as follows :

  • On any given day, you can view and edit routes for the delivery that has to happen
  • You can add new tasks to a specific route or edit existing jobs
  • Automatically assign tasks and schedules the same, which helps delivery TAT along with efficient last-mile delivery
  • Re-optimise a single route or selected set of routes

The web-based dashboard helps to keep a tab on the drivers and the vehicles. On a real time basis, it shows how your drivers are progressing and would immediately highlight any deviations from the plan so you can see what’s not working and why. This helps in addressing the glitch without wasting much time.

Easy to use Route Planning software

Often companies stay away from route planners because of their perceived high cost or ambiguity to learn the know-how of its functioning. However, our route optimising software with simple UI & UX proves to be otherwise. It further can empower drivers to efficiently deliver shipments. It takes care of delivery allocation, routing, and sequencing along with real time communication with customers. Our software is designed in such a manner that it is easy to grasp for new learners and they get intrigued in using the same. With a visual drag and drop interface, the smart software gives utmost efficiency to the busiest fleets.


Quicker routes – We are almost 50% faster than conventional route building platforms. The software analyses more options in less time to suggest the best possible routes for your task.

Precise results – Our route optimiser is accurate as compared to any other route planning solutions available. This automated software provides precise results as per expectations.

Accurate Job costing – Provides accurate cost by taking into consideration all associated costs such as, fixed and per-mile, labour, overtime, even accommodation for overnight trips etc.

Emergency Dispatch – With the kind of data feed into the system, the software intelligently allocates resources during emergency dispatch. It considers information such as which driver has the right skill and the right vehicle and their proximity.

Plan vs Actual – Get plan vs actual Gantt charts for each resources allocated. This helps in identifying bottlenecks and where the plan needs fine-tuning or drivers need to be trained.

Reliable ETAs – Real time monitored ETAs help in amazing customer services that drives new business through loyalty and referrals. Offer cost-effective ETAs and tight time windows.

Dynamic route optimization – Based on AI and data analysis, our super intelligent algorithm can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for the drivers and reduce average mileage by almost 10%.

Intelligent Routing Software – Our smart and dynamic software can handle last minute changes such as cancelled orders, absent drivers, or new joinees. It optimises accordingly to give you the best result with highest order of efficiency.   

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