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Why A Free Route Planning Software Will Cause You More Harm Than Good

For modern customers, delivery forms an integral part of the purchase experience offered by a brand. In a recent survey, over 98% of respondents said that shipping impacts their brand loyalty. In another poll, 99% of US consumers said that fast delivery is important to them while making online purchases. Besides, 50% of customers reported they'd rather not transact with a brand after two or three late or incorrect deliveries. 

Why A Free Route Planning Software Will Cause You More Harm Than Good

Unsurprisingly, delivery route planning is a crucial factor in your company’s success. With everything else remaining equal, a great delivery experience can ensure a loyal clientele for your business, giving you a visible edge over the competition. 

Optimize Your Deliveries with a Route Planning Software

Modern technology has automated various aspects of our lives, and route planning is no exception. So, if you are still using a pen, paper, and maps to plan your deliveries, it is time to embrace technology for more efficient and effortless delivery services.

Which Delivery Route Planning Software To Use?

Today, businesses can choose from various route planning software that is free to use. However, free route planning software may pose certain problems for growing companies, as it is not possible to customize free software according to your fleet. 

Besides, most free software limit the number of stops you can optimize and only enable route-planning for a single vehicle in most cases. While this is a great start if you only have to manage a few deliveries a week, once your business scales, a free route planning software may not be adequate to handle increasing volumes and data. 

Another problem with free software is that it only optimizes one part of your delivery system. Yes, free software allows you to plan efficient routes for your vehicles but does not offer you an interface to share live updates with your drives. On the contrary, an advanced route optimization software offers an integrated mobile app with a customized interface for drivers that gives them easy access to routes and delivery notes for better planning. In addition, these apps enable an electronic proof-of-delivery system to keep your drivers accountable, which is missing in free software. 

Of course, as we said previously, free software is not bad to start with. However, it can seriously impede your growth by limiting your fleet with various restrictions while your competition clocks more deliveries at the same time with an advanced route planning software.

Here’s a list of features that can turn around your delivery experience but you may not find in a free route planning software: 

  • Automated Route Planning – An advanced route planning software uses machine learning algorithms to sieve through tons of data to pick the most efficient routes for your deliveries without any limitation on the number of stops or vehicles to be optimized.
  • On-the-go Mobile App – Get an integrated mobile app with intuitive dashboards to manage your deliveries and customer notifications from one single place. You can use this app to track your vehicles, contact your drivers, and keep them updated on customer preferences for a better delivery experience.
  • Dynamic Re-Routing – A smart delivery route planning software continues to work at all times, suggesting the most efficient routes in real-time, based on parameters such as customer location, resource capacity, customer preferences, and traffic and weather conditions.
  • Intelligent Allocation – In addition to suggesting the best route, an advanced route planning software automatically allocates shipments to your last-mile agents in a logical sequence, making the system more efficient and deliveries less expensive.

Get Your Money's Worth

A route planning software is integral to your delivery experience. However, all software is not the same, and it is vital to choose one that can be customized to your needs and is capable of scaling with your company. When you invest in an advanced route optimization software, you also get access to automatic updates on exceptions and diversions that ensure your delivery system works optimally at all times. 

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