Why Delivery Planning is a Key to the Great Customer Experience

As customer experience becomes a key competitive differentiator, supply chain and logistics business across the globe are embracing new ways to enhance delivery operations. And with same-day deliveries gaining significant momentum, it’s imperative for businesses, especially online retailers, to ensure flawless delivery planning.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to properly plan your deliveries with the aim of increasing customer experience.

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Ensures Faster Deliveries

Proper delivery planning includes chalking out the most efficient route to ensure quick deliveries. Using real-time tracking and tracing, businesses can eliminate unprecedented delays, unnecessary diversions, and vehicle idle time, resulting in a drastic decrease in delivery time.  

Fast delivery is even more critical for time-sensitive items. For instance food and medicine. Imagine delivering a cold soup to a customer. She will forever regret ordering it from the restaurant she did. Although the restaurant did their job well by ensuring the soup was hot when they packed it, but owing to poor delivery management, the customer received the soup cold.

Boosts Productivity

Randomly allocating tasks to delivery executives without knowing his area of expertise can cause hurdles in deliveries. Delivery planning ensures the right job is allocated to the right executive at the right time, this helps businesses use the full potential of delivery executives. Also, proper planning helps delivery managers optimize routes in real time and monitor how is the vehicle being driven. This positively impacts fleet productivity.

Think of this, a delivery executive who has been delivering parcels in location A for months is suddenly sent to location B, that is absolutely new to him. Even though maps can help, but lack of human-knowledge about lanes and crosses may lead to a delivery executive running around in a maze.

Executes Deliveries at Minimum Costs

Delivery planning helps reduce logistics expenses to a great extent. By planning efficient routes and monitoring vehicle movement it ensures that excess fuel is not consumed. It significantly optimizes man-hours and resource planning resulting is reduced delivery expenses. Hence, the delivery cost that is at times passed on to customers is extremely low.

Imagine charging 50 bucks for delivering an item that costs 70 bucks? The very purpose of availing the convenience of shopping online is defeated.    

Enhances Customer Engagement

Delivery planning empowers supply chain and logistics businesses to help customers gain full visibility into the delivery process. Advanced delivery platforms ensure that customers can track where their shipments are at any given point of time and when exactly will it be delivered. This makes the delivery process transparent and engaging.

Think of the plight of a customer who does not know where her parcel is, who is bringing it, when will it reach and how should she connect with the business that is responsible for delivering her parcel. That’s a place where no customer wants to be.

Makes Delivery Flexible

Today deliveries are planned to keep customers at the heart of everything. This allows businesses to give customers the flexibility of receiving parcels when they want and where they want. This becomes vital as modern customers, especially millennials, are mostly on the go. They might not be available to receive a delivery at a particular time. Hence, flexible deliveries improve customer experience by leaps and bounds.

Seamless Returns

With regards to generating high levels of customer experience, planning returns is as important as planning deliveries. But returns are sensitive. In the first place, a customer is unhappy with what she received and above that, if the return policy happens to be unfriendly and cumbersome, it will only add salt to the injury.

As competition in the online-shopping space increases, planning seamless deliveries will be a key differentiator. Thanks to rapid technology advancements, today there are cloud-based platforms available that make planning deliveries easy and fast.

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