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Quick Insights Into Controlling Last-Mile Delivery Costs

October 15, 2020

Last-mile delivery refers to the final step of the delivery process from a distribution center or the facility to the end-user. This step is crucial for achieving customer satisfaction. Implementing a cost-effective and efficient system helps in building brand loyalty. However, if last-mile delivery is not executed efficiently it can result in massive losses in the guise of financial dents, poor brand reputation and bad customer experience.

How Dispatch Tracking Software Can Impact The Customer Experience

October 15, 2020

Many businesses are providing their customers the option to pick their delivery window. To do that efficiently, businesses need to invest in a dispatch tracking software. Such software would help businesses manage last mile logistics, which includes automated scheduling and capacity utilization, real-time route optimization, delivery tracking and more, efficiently.

Contactless Deliveries 1.0 vs Contactless Deliveries 2.0 - What's Drastically Different

October 14, 2020

Contactless delivery 2.0 is a highly customer centric process of executing deliveries during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It sets the bar high when it comes to adhering to social distancing regulations, ensuring end-to-end delivery transparency and driving faster and safer deliveries. Contactless delivery 2.0 includes 6 key enhancements. Read on to know.


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