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How To Scale Deliveries Like A Pro By Leveraging Crowdsourcing

May 05, 2020

Inability to scale deliveries, deliver on same-day delivery expectations, and reducing operating costs are rapidly feeding into the bottom lines of businesses. Even logistics middlemen are not able to successfully respond to demand-shocks as they mostly operate at full capacities already. Taking an absolutely different path, savvy businesses are shifting focus on leveraging crowdsourcing technologies.

Beating Amazon At Same-Day Deliveries: Why and How It's Possible

April 30, 2020

Amazon’s transportation network, highly efficient supply chain and logistics management and its unmoved focus on what customers want are some of the major reasons behind its rapid growth in the eCommerce sector.

How Intelligent Routing Can Empower Global Enterprises Battle CO2 Emissions

April 24, 2020

As transportation activities intensify owing to rising volumes of home deliveries, hitting the brakes on carbon emissions will become imminent. A dynamic routing platform can empower enterprises to shrink their carbon footprint by automating route planning, eliminating vehicle idling, reducing empty miles, and do much more.


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