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Last Mile Challenge #3: Ensuring Flexible Deliveries

February 05, 2020

As customer experience rapidly takes the center stage in the world of online deliveries, businesses are constantly looking for ways to make logistics operations more customer-centric. The challenge is that the expectations of a customer are constantly evolving.

Last Mile Challenge #2: How To Enhance Route Planning

February 03, 2020

A key to successful delivery, one that’s cost-effective and delights customer, is accurate route planning. What makes route planning complex is that it’s dependent on a lot of external factors like risks, fuel costs, government, and environmental regulations, driver shortages, among others.

Last Mile Challenge #1: Dealing with Increasing Operational Expenses

January 22, 2020

Advanced last-mile delivery software makes deliveries profitable by reducing fuel consumption, increasing first attempt delivery success rates, eliminating manual dependencies and mitigating risks. Let’s quickly delve deeper into each of these factors.


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